Video of the week: McLaren MP4-12C roars in Dubai

Video of the week: McLaren MP4-12C roars in Dubai

We get lots of requests to do videos, but we generally don’t waste time churning out boring nonsense. If you haven’t heard already, we drove a McLaren MP4-12C recently. And we have video too. For footage that barely lasts a minute, you can see the launch control, the air-brake spoiler, the active suspension, the braking power and even the exhaust note, all shot during our road-test just outside Dubai. Video by Faisal Khatib.

What do you think?



  1. ooohh laa laaaaa!!

  2. kick ass but from front it mistaken for a ferrari 🙂

  3. Thumbs up.. I thought the car flew in end :))

  4. I didn’t like the paint, brighter colors are better

  5. wooooooooooow………….

    awesome car.

  6. Nice camera angles by Faisal Khatib. Agree with Assassin, brighter color is better.

  7. Nice camera work…

    Insane speed with an amazing exhaust note!!!…

    Thumbs up 2 Drive Arabia!!…

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