Nissan Pathfinder 2013 officially revealed

Nissan Pathfinder 2013 officially revealed

Nissan has revealed pictures of the production version of the 2013 Pathfinder on, of all places, Facebook. Of course, it reveals nothing new, as it looks exactly like the “concept” shown many months ago at auto shows.

The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder shares its front-wheel-drive platform with the recently-released Infiniti JX. Specs include a 3.5-litre V6 engine, CVT automatic and optional all-wheel-drive. It has three-row seating, available surround-view cameras and an optional 12-speaker Bose stereo, all shared with the Infiniti version. This new crossover is a far cry from the body-on-frame offroad-capable rear-wheel-drive-based Pathfinder that is being replaced.

Expect the new model to hit Middle East showrooms by early next year, if not earlier.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Nissan Pathfinder buyer guide.

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  1. ????????????????????????????????????????

    What have these people done to a once so glorious and honest 4wheeler??????????????????????

    this looks like a wanna-be station wagon from Russia!!

    this must be the most screwed-up redesign of the year!

  2. Enough with the cross over look! The previous boxy and rugged exterior was perfect =/

  3. Such a crying shame to do this to such an amazing 4×4!! What is Nissan thinkin’??

  4. So much for the Pathy! Pity!

  5. The only path this one’s finding is to the mall! On the other hand I like what they’ve done with the steering wheel, the old boxy 3-spoke got extremely boring ages ago!

  6. Stupid Nissan!!

  7. Looks like the Mazda CX9….

  8. What is the expected price of the full option?

  9. I think this is quite a good change… Unlike other companies that only do a slight facelift..

    Well tried Nissan, #respect!!!!

  10. Looking at what Nissan has done to the Pathfinder (shouldn’t they change the name to Mallfinder now?)….I rather like Toyota now for not ruining the Prado even though I still think it costs too much.

  11. I am driving Nissan pathfinedr 2005 model since . I bought it brand new and I am driving it since then . The design was 1st screwed up in 2006 (i believe) with look-like Xterra one design, I thought th leasson wasbe learnt by Nissan. but with this 2013 design, its apparnet that Nissan deliberatley want to burry the pathfinder once legend 4*4. This is rediculuous.

  12. 1st it was explorer then durango and grand cherokee and now pathfinder…might find a prado and pajero crossover soon…

  13. The issue is very simple, companies follow the demand of the market and as you all know those who buy 4×4 and actually go off roading are very few, so the demand is for crossover now is higher than dedicated 4×4 cars that have no luxuries or even comfort, and Nisan said it very clear that Xterra will continue to by body on frame SUV that serves as dedicated off roader if you want, if you want a crossover from Nisan, you wouldnt find but the 5 seater over over over priced Murano so this car in fact makes sense to complete Nisan’s lineup, dont forget, not everybody wants a tough uncomfortable dedicated 4×4 with their tough suspension for the city and on road, many people have big families and want to transport them comfortably in the city

  14. Hypocrites,

    –When previous Pathfinder existed, the very same people said it has boxy look

    Now Nissan changed it to streamlined one

    –They said it has very rigid rough and tough ride because of body on frame design and considerable bodyroll also

    Now Nissan didn’t use that platform and gave it car like ride

    –They said second row was not comfortable

    Now Nissan made good space at front and sliding second row and acceptable third row (read infinity jx review, very flexible seating adjustment, even without moving a child seat in second row, you can have access to third row by sliding seat, just check Nissan usa website and see how functional this car is

    –They talked about less softtouch space, now the cabin has generous amount of softtouch

    So what all was asked was done, it clearly shows some people just want to criticize vehicles other bought or just for sake of commenting.

    It’s time for crossovers, that’s what people ask for that’s what you will get proper 7 seater, functional crossover.

    What would you do if you were a manufacturer, build car that you like, or build a car that people like? So it’s time for Tucsons, Sportages, Qasqais, RAV 4’s , CRV’s, EDGES, Acadia’s, Traverses, Explorer’s, Durango’s all crossovers. There is a crowd which loves 4×4’s and go offroad, they will buy Wranglers, Xterra’s, FJ’s, and the other sect will buy Landcrusiers, Patrols and Rovers, the losers don’t buy anything just comment.

  15. ^true also the cars nowadays are soft and people end up looking gays driving sissy SUVs like these.

    • One of my relatives just got blessed with triplet (3 sons) God bless them, he doesnt like crossovers or 4x4s but he has no choice but to buy (((( Purposeful))) car to haul his big family with their three trolleys , himself, a wife and a maid, so do you think he is gay? stop prejudging people, again, if you like off roading then it is not about shape and how the car looks, just go and buy a wrangler or Xterra or FJ ….. it is amazing how people insist to remain stupid and dont like to understand

    • I think what shafiq is saying is it looks gay when people drive around in these jacked up crossover nonsense. Sure your relative will be happy with a minivan, some of them like the kia carnival, toyota previa, more upscale like the mercedes vans are good.
      Nissan could’ve introduced more upscale luxury and still kept the offroad heritage of the pathy. All it needed was some padding here and there on the dash and redesigned rear seats. Its always been a capable vehicle. Even now, its just as comfortable now. I only notice the difference when driving both the X and pathy back to back. Independent suspension beats live rear when it comes to comfort.

    • Then cars are softer than crossover, they come in all strange shapes, albeit some manufacturers these days started making very refreshing looking cars, would you call all the car drivers in uae as gay, what about soft and mushy Lexus, Lol each vehicle has its purpose, and people have gone through these changes, normal cars, muscle cars, boxy 4×4’s, small crossovers, medium crossovers, now large seven seaters, some day it will be electric cars or may be some new mode of transport, it’s not like what I like people will buy, people will buy what suites them, sooner or later things will change, whether we like it or not.

  16. I like it. A bit of extra luxury is always welcomed and this new Pathy seems to be delivering it. I would buy it and Im sure its gonna be strong competition for the Prado.
    Im not sure about the engine choice. Is the same one as Murano’s but we have a bigger/heavier car with the Pathy. Is it going to be slow?

  17. Is it the time for toyota middle east to release the Highlander as a competitor to this Nissan version??!

  18. I’ll never buy this POS even if they pay me! Crossover crap.

  19. Kia Sorento is better looking than this pathetic pathy

  20. wow…i love the to buy it..

  21. Thank God! My prayers been answered. Been waiting Pathfinder to have a crossover look. I love Nissan and been using the sedan to drive my 3 kids around and here at last Nissan mid suv cross over for our family. Nissan looked for the big chunk of customers needs .. family SUV .. its all about profit. Off roaders can go for other options such as pajero or X-Terra ??? I hate previa (looks like granny car)

  22. nice pathfinder nissan old 1 sucked

  23. Nissan has completely ruined the pathfinder. it used to be a mans choice now it is completely feminish.

  24. I am using a 2009 full option and now planning to buy 2013 . Actually I like the new one

  25. This is what happens when you allow cross dressing fashion designers to get into auto design. Sionara Pathfinder you have now effectively been “fixed” sigh…..

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