BMW 1M-based MH1 S Biturbo now in UAE & GCC

BMW 1M-based MH1 S Biturbo now in UAE & GCC

We all know that the BMW 1M is no slouch off the mark, but the specialist tuners at Manhart Racing had already transformed the existing model into a 415 hp fire-breathing monster. However, they now announce a new addition to their lineup, called the MH1 S Biturbo.

The new MH1 S Biturbo is based on the MH1 Biturbo, and thanks to newly developed and expanded ‘MHR Stage 3 Performance Package’, the car will come with 465 hp and 600 Nm of torque.

Part of that extra horsepower also comes from the specially-developed ‘Sports’ exhaust system which includes downpipes and stainless steel mufflers. The MH1 S Biturbo has also been fitted with a newly developed carbon-fibre airbox which includes carbon-fibre piping to provide the engine of the with plenty of fresh air. Alongside those, a bigger intercooler, oil cooler and radiator provide the needed cooling.

For the necessary traction, the car brings along an in-house tuned coilover suspension with MHR Setup. The entire car will sit on ‘AC Schnitzer Type 5 Forged’ 20-inch wheels.

The MH1 S Biturbo also comes with a hand-made carbon-fibre front splitter, carbon-fibre bonnet with air intakes and snap closures. A carbon-fibre diffuser in the back with a similar trunk is also available. Additionally, a set of carbon-fibre mirror caps rounds off the package.

The interior of the MH1 S Biturbo gets a set of MHR Performance bucket seats up-front and alcantara on the back seats. The guys have also fitted specially-developed LCD display into the driver-side air vent in the middle console for vehicle information.

The MH1 S Biturbo will be available for booking and purchase in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC through the Dubai-based local dealers, Manhart Racing Middle East and Asia.

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  1. Well anyway do you know how manhart is doing in the UAE or the GCC?
    Haven’t really spotted any of their cars!

  2. is that m1 for sale and if it is whats the price

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