Nissan Pathfinder 2013 makes full debut

Nissan Pathfinder 2013 makes full debut

Nissan has finally revealed the 2013 Pathfinder in its entirety, although by now nothing is left to the imagination after showing it off plenty of times before as a concept. It is now a unibody crossover that offers more spacious seating for seven and 30% better fuel economy than the outgoing offroad-capable version.

Built on the same platform as the new Infiniti JX 35, the Pathfinder is switching targets to take on the Honda Pilot and the Ford Explorer. Powered by a 260 hp 3.5-litre V6 mated to a new-generation CVT automatic, it will be available with either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.

Available features are lifted straight from Infiniti, such as a touchscreen multimedia/navigation system, heated and cooled seats, around-view monitor and automatic tyre air-filling alert, among other things.

The Pathfinder will continue to be built in the United States, and we can expect a GCC debut sometime by early next year.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Nissan Pathfinder buyer guide.

What do you think?



  1. Murano shaped rear and interior. I like it anyway.

  2. Interesting to see a Panaromic Roof on a Nissan Car. Is it the 1st time ever???

  3. Mash what do you suggest, should one go for the new one or get the true offroad capable?

  4. Buy any one of the model based on your requirements, anyway there will be bunch of people who will comment negatively as well as positively again specific models. Real buyers will buy anyway what they like, as you must have noticed in forums. Some people stick to particular model for years, others keep on changing cars randomly.

  5. This is aimed at Challenging the dominance of the buick enclave or GMC acadia in the north American market and hence looks similar.

    Off roaders are slowly becoming extinct from the manufacturer’s portfolio.

  6. Looks like the Murano on Steroids! Although I miss the boxy shape of the yore!

  7. Looks like the pathy turned gay

    • Yes they made it for people like you, since all manufacturers found either people don’t buy offfroaders, or they buy it to tailgate, tease others, as soon as they see dunes, they run for cover, with so many gays like you around, they started building sisi cars for office/parking lots.

    • ^ woahh .. So defensive .. You got your periods or what? HAR HAR

    • People like Ironman are ** who Buy Prado to showoff in there community.. Look at me I drive a 4×4 and best part is they don’t drive Prado more than 80km speed.. Mann ohhh Too much on petrol… The best way to dress them up while driving is Cockroach sunglasses and when someone asks for offroading they are like no this is Luxurious vehicle not mean’t for this stuff..


    • Apart from standard 4x4s, I’ve off-roaded some Luxury SUVs like the Lexus GX460 & the Rangerover .. Enough said Khan 😉

      Although there was nothing special about the previous design of the pathfinder, it still stuck out as a real Truck and you could depend on its ruggedness for off-roading. The interiors too was decent, if not good.

      This new design on the other hand….., well you already know my opinion. Not that its bad and surely will do well with big families needing to get from point A to B through the city and who most probably wouldn’t feel the need to opt for the AWD variant.

      Take it easy fellas, were here to voice our opinions, nothing personal.

    • Lol Ironman, you call things gay, when others post the same word why do you feel offended? I too own a Pajero but I don’t go on crossover bashings, people want the best of cars and suv that’s what manufacturers will make. And as I said many times, these are just opinions the Nissan will easily sell every model it has in its stock, no matter what we say, even if it being the old Armada. Regarding old Pathfinder I will leave it to the owners to comment, we have 4-5 owners of those model in our forums, 3 posted pics, one said he owns one as well as a Navara pickup, the last one, a huge Nissan fan of course seemed to own every model from the stable.

    • The Pajero is gay ..LOL

    • Thats what i said you are, only gays can spot other gays easily in crowd, whether it be car or people. For us all cars are quite normal, and built to purpose, even the multi Daker winner Pajero.

    • Wait what? You drive the awesome Dakar rally souped up Pajero? Oh no no, you dont. ;P

      Honestly, I didnt mean what I said previously about the Pajero but the new Pathy becoming a crossover from a proper 4×4 couldn’t be better explained than turning gay. Do try to get the point.

  8. Damn i wish I had some pop corn !

  9. the old pathfinder is going to continue for another 2 years , so dont worry folks

  10. Looks like a Mazda CX-9….

  11. so with the launch of vehicle Prado has virtually no class competition i,e, prado can cruise on the highway and off road with equal ability….

    Pathfinder i always disliked it for being inferior in most respects, earlier 2004 models had poor rear space, road noise and terrible fuel economy. later models got ugly also…

    now they have turned into a mini van…but i am sure it will do well for XXL sized families.

    • well, the Pajero remains as competition for Prado; atleast until Mitsubishi eventually decides to go the Explorer’s and Pathy’s way!

  12. I personally hate the Toyota Prado and The Pajero.. And I gotta agree with Ironman this car is Hideously Gay… They’ve Messed up the PF..

  13. The new Pathfinder is clearly family-oriented. Fans of affordable truck-based SUVs still got the Xterra. I thinks it’s a good decision by Nissan!

  14. looking for more profits this is the way to go

  15. My comment seems to have dissapeared. Anyways ya this thing is POS!! and yes i own both trucks pathy and an xterra, go see the pics if you dont believe me.
    the old one was comfortable, had enough power and ruggedness and good options as well.
    This new one is an extended murano. it wouldve made more sense to call it a murano XL or sumthing, and not use the pathfinder name! It stands for something, like the prado and pajero.
    I will never buy this even if they paid me.Nissan already has enough crossovers in their line up. They have no midsize luxury (not that im calling the old one luxurious) offroad capable vehicle in their line up any more. The armada, patrols are both full size and the xterra is a 5 seater.

  16. Is the Nissan Pathfinder 2013,a 4 wheel drive?

  17. Looks terrible i hate it, I got an xterra purely for the look and loved the pathfinder too … Too bad … They should have introduced a new crossover , bold move .

  18. By Nissan’s own account to introduce the new pathfinder, “the tough guy turned family guy” That’s the long and short of it. The real money is in the family cars and Nissan decided to go with the money. The only pathfinder that made it a real off-roader was its V8 version. The V6 is an improviser of sorts.

  19. wen is this comin out? any dates yet?

  20. Hi

    When Nissan pathfinder 2013 released in UAE? Any idea friends……I hope they release shortly……….

  21. Hi Mash,
    Should one go with the old model as the dealer is offering discounts on 2012 models?
    You mentioned Xterra has more resale than Pathy !!! Is it true? which is more comfortable? both has a price difference of about 500 Dinars only.

    Considering no offroading, which is better Pathy or Xterra..

    • If you are not going off road or if not major ones you can go for the Pathfinder. Xterra is not that comfortable on road but shines well off road. I believe Pathfinder should have better resale over the Xterra.

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