So we got a 2013 Hyundai Veloster

So we got a 2013 Hyundai Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster is probably the weirdest modern car on sale today. Aside from the fact that it looks spectacularly flashy, it has one more trick up its sleeve. Or rather, three.

The driver’s side has one door, giving it a coupe-like style.

But the passenger side has two proper doors, for easier access to the back seat.

The interior itself is full of, well, all sorts of shapes. That touchscreen even has a game that awards you a high score based on how economically you drive!

The boot isn’t massive, but it is enough to be fairly practical.

When we went to Korea last year, we saw the Veloster being benchmarked against the VW Golf GTI at the Hyundai R&D centre. While the Veloster doesn’t compete with the GTI, it certainly has some promising traits. More in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. This is one car where I couldn’t fit comfortable in the driver’s seat. Im 1.80 tall and my head was touching the roof in a normal driving position.

    • I did not drive it but have not enjoyed the interior at all… Cheap hard plastics and uncomfortable seats put me off.. Even my 11 year old Tiburon, that is less spacious has a higher quality interior and better supportive seats than the veloster..

      The car is a lost identity, a failed stunt.. But Hyundai can forget about it now and focus on their Gencoupe which is a logical car..

  2. Veloster with its unique colors it always gets my attention on the road.

  3. these designs are gonna go down in history as one of the worst/wierdest. i wouldnt even take one if it was given for free..

  4. The Only it lacks is Power, Turbo Version could be a better option. Till now, what i have information they will no bring Turbo Version here in UAE.

    Any other info….

  5. was waiting for the review long time. Sep 2011 price was 72-75000. the inside is quite funky, faux cuir / leather, quite nice inside as much as outside. bring on the full review. and the engine specs. car was even on the buying list at that time. cheers!!!

  6. This car has nice design but as long as Hyundai not bringing GDI engines in GCC, they should have considered bringing it with the 1.8 engine found in full option Elantra or even a 2.0 L engine to make it a hit, but with the Accent 1.6 engine in this car … it is a big fail, I’m driving a car with sporty look, 18 inch rims, dual exhaust put in the center and I cannot catch up a Tiida, it is shameful

    • It’s basically an Accent chassis and Accent engine, all cars have coupes & sport versions, just a nice body, lower ground clearance and stiff suspension doesn’t lead to sporty car, you need a lively engine. But as mash mentioned for this price, this good looking car with features is ok, otherwise you can buy a base Sonata, mid range Tucson, or full option Elantra for same price. So most people buy family cars or crossovers, these are just style statement, basically a second or third car, if you have that much of money to throw around or experiment with such cars.

    • The veloster is a car that tried to please everybody but failed… Because you really cannot please everyone..

      If they focused on it being a compact sports car or a family car rather than combining both, then it would have worked out.. Otherwise poorly done move from hyundai..

  7. 2 weeks ago i took for rent this car for one day. The car is very good looking, stylish. Engine too slow, but better comparing my mazda 3 2010 1.6 4AT. Steering wheel is fully under electronically control and lifeless, but handling is not bad. Quality of saloon very well, but music with subwoofer making too many vibrations of door panels (and this is 200Watt only, EU and USA have 450W Premium Sound System). I will buy this car only with 2.0 engine (6AT) or 1.6 Turbo… But the price will be same with Toyota 86 in UAE.

  8. when is the veloster 2013 going to hit the UAE markets?

  9. I am currently driving a Nissan 2.5 full option 2008 model. But I really luv the Veloster. I test drove it yesterday n was satisfied even though I am dropping from 2.5 to 1.6 engine. I am really confused b n need u guys to advice me. Thanx

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