2013 Honda Accord sedan and coupe revealed

2013 Honda Accord sedan and coupe revealed

The latest version of the Honda Accord has been revealed, if only in a few pictures. The 2013 Accord is generally a heavily-facelifted version of the old one, both in sedan and coupe forms.

The most obvious changes are to the front and rear, with generous use of LED lighting, new wheels and some small trim changes along the sides. The sedan and the coupe continue to get completely separate body panels.

More details will be revealed later, although it is likely the engine choices will remain unchanged. Expect the new models to reach the GCC by the end of the year.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Honda Accord buyer guide.

What do you think?



  1. conservative styling again..

  2. looks to me like same old styling with LED’s n rims change only

  3. Oh my! Its even more boring now! What is HONDA upto?

  4. I think its the Honda Legend badged as the Accord

  5. RUBBISH… Especially the lights… looks like toyota screwed the camry..so the guys at honda thought…ok..lets do the same with accord…

  6. Thank you for taking out the link which I posted before on the Santa Fe story about launching the new accord … and regarding this new accord ….. God any body here has a bag ….. I want to vomit

  7. Soichiro Honda is turning in his grave… Honda needs to be rescued from this conservative philosophy..

  8. I dont remember where did I see these tail lights … oh I know, 2009 Hyundai Genesis ….. (Korean cars are just copy paste from others), why nobody is saying that now?????? and by the way, on top of all this disappointment, the new accord is coming with CVT …. enjoy !!!!!

  9. If Honda puts the right package in this car.. smart keyless entry, tiptronic gears, start/stop switches, etc. adding to Honda’s well known reliability, engine refinement, good fit and finish, I do think Honda has a winner in their hands.

    The exterior design could’ve been better.

  10. should put the old and new accord pics for find the difference puzzle…

  11. i think honda believes in the philosophy of
    handing the ginger to the monkey


  12. i hope the sorted the road noise and poor performing AC issues

  13. As of now, I see that Ford, Kia and Hyundai lead the way with their models and the features included in them.

  14. No matter what ever comments people say, the Accord remains as one among the top reliable sedans ever..The Koreans might’ve released models with different styling, but they’ve got a very long way to go before acquiring the same level of reputation in terms of build quality, longevity etc.
    Welcoming the new comers for 2013.
    Lets hope the competition gets tougher 🙂

    • Can you tell me exactly why the Koreans have “long way” to go to reach to Japanese? they already have better reliability records than Americans and even Germans in my opinion and when i say better than Germans I mean in reliability and everyday driving, I know the German cars are stronger in terms of body and weight but Korean cars break down less (especially the last 4-5 models), you also forgot to mention that Honda is having one of the most expensive spare parts compared to other japanese brands although they are not offering the same level of luxury, I remember that my cousin was buying parts of his 2009 accord with higher prices than my 2011 Toyota Avalon which is much more luxurious

    • Honda spare parts expensive? Buddy I’m an Accord as well as Toyota owner and comparing the prices…Toyota is much expensive. Brake pads for rear accord for 350 against brake pads for Echo for 350. What is more expensive?

    • Koreans dare to give 7 years unlimited mileage warranty on their cars. What more reliability can someone expect? 🙂

  15. I just bought brakes for my altima, rear 200 and front 250. Cheaper than Honda and maybe even toyota

  16. TRUE !! most expensive parts of Honda in japanese brand. I personally feel the heat once then i got rid of Honda…

  17. Im a big big honda fan! But today m dissappointed so much!
    Bad design again.. However, honda is best in Quality, and they lack design now..
    I dont know what were they doing for 5 yrs..

  18. @anil

    buy spare part out side al futtaim and things get much cheaper….

  19. I hope they used Best led lights here, Not like Kia optima which looks so fake..Correct me if I am wrong, Kia optima Led’s are too Bluish if compared to other car’s with LED’s..

  20. no offence brother, U can compare Lexus LED with Kia optima, u will know What i Want to say, I honestly Love kia optima full option, However the led’s they are using is way too cheap ..

    • Then you need to compare the price of Lexus to Kia, Kia gives what it charges for and Lexus gives what it charges for. We are talking about Honda, do we like this car (specs,design,service)for this price yes/no?

      Kia is selling more Optimas than even its small cars like Rio and Cerato, so it should be good. Honda also sells Accords/Civics/CRV well even with high prices, so may be these cars are also good irrespective of what we think.

  21. And I think this Accord on the road will look much better. Specially with Leds running on.. <<<

  22. There is no change in styling at all except the tail lights which look like 1998-2002 version of Honda Accord other than that everything is the same.

  23. krishna brother, I dont understand from where it looks like 1998-2002. lol 😀
    I will still put my hands on v6 cvt and in pearlwhite with nav InshahALLAH.

  24. well rhymes if you just check out the tail lights it resembles the 1998-2002 accord lol, it may be your inability to identify the resemblance in both the vehicles and I just meant tail lights i.e back side of the car I didn’t comment anything about the technical specs

  25. well its your opinion! … i really dont understand how tail lights of this model resemble to those models 1998-2002 lol … it does resembles to genesis though..

  26. 2013 Honda Accord is getting launched in Qatar on 24th Jan 2013….. Looking forward for Drive Arabia’s road test very eagerly….

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