Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 Sport coming to UAE & GCC soon

Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 Sport coming to UAE & GCC soon

The long-running Hyundai Santa Fe was overdue for a remake, given how its stablemates have evolved in the last few years. The first of the new Santa Fe variants will be in GCC showrooms by September.

As we’ve reported earlier, the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe now has two variants now, namely a “Sport” model with 5 seats and a longer-wheelbase model with 7 seats.

The model coming to the UAE in September is the Sport version. While it gets two great engines in the United States, such as a direct-injection 2.4-litre and the turbocharged 2.0-litre, it is likely that Saudi, Qatar, UAE and other GCC markets will simply get the regular 178 hp 2.4-litre, as found in the GCC-spec Sonata.

The 7-seater Hyundai Santa Fe will come to the Middle East next year.

Keep track of updates in the Hyundai buyer guide.

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  1. doesn’t look so different from the out going model.

  2. It is different from the previous model but not in a good way IMO cuz now it is not that different from the Tucson, the previous model had its own character, now this is very similar to the Tucson but in the same time i think the 7 seater will be different in size and will look better, anyway, lets see how things turn out …. by the way, with the current prices of Hyundai, they really need to consider bringing good engines because their prices are not competitive anymore and they are competing on the power front in the US not on the prices while neglecting this issue here, so if they dont bring in their direct injected engines here soon or replace the engines here with reasonable carefully chosen engines here, they will start going down the hill again

  3. Think they forgot the rear a/c vents .btw the the current 2.4 is underpowered.that said the design looks like better looking current gen cry or did I get it wrong.

  4. i see one near Daira WestZone every day and think its the Sport , gray in color and its look better than Tuscon .. any idea about the price ?

    • TNG. I also live nearby westzone and I always see it park near NBAD. It doesnt have the “tag” santafe though thats why i could not determine what it looks nice.

  5. Many brands are silent now! Im sure they are going to come up with best models v v soon!
    However, i heard honda has changed their strategy & i hope they come up with new generation and better and appealing models!.
    I find hyundai different but again with cheap interior!.. Coming years will b great though!
    Hope nothing happens in 2012 ..

  6. they need bring the v6 ……………

  7. Dear Mashfique Hussain ,

    Any update regarding the price of the base model.


  8. Surprise they bring 3.3 liter engine with base price of around 105K AED and 123K AED for full options.

    Don’t be disappoint 2.4 is also available with base price of 80K AED no full options means no leather and nice sound system etc in 2.4 engine it will be 2X4 one thing you can have that is panaromic roof by adding 4K extra ….

    Thanks, Guys just got this update as they have launched yesterday in UAE.

  9. So the new model is 5 seater only the same with Hyundai Tucson?

  10. Santafe UAE Showroom price.

    2.4Litre Engine
    1.4 x 2 BASIC 82,900Dhs
    2.4 x 2 Higher end 85,900Dhs
    3.4 x 4 Basic 87,900Dhs
    4.4 x 4 Higher end 91,900Dhs

    3.3 litre Engine
    1.4 x 4 Basic 96,900Dhs
    2.4 x 4 Mid 118,900Dhs
    3.4 x 4 Higher end 122,900

    This was a latest update and extremely good from 3.3 litre onwards.

  11. There is no sport version for GCC countries and all the vehicles are 7 seaters.

  12. it actually looks good from all sides!…

  13. Does Hyundai worth to spend more than 75-80 thousands if yes than on which car or cuv or suv etc ?????

    Comment share you opinion ….

    • Would have minded spending that on Hyundai probably 6-7 years ago, but not anymore. My uncle, who bought a full options V6 Santa Fe for 105,000 dhs back in 2006, still has the car, which runs in pristine condition. There has been no problems or failures ever, and it still runs surprisingly smooth and new despite clocking about 180k kms..

    • Agree with Mr. Vivek since we have this new sonata and done 128K till now no issues at all. Service Center is good also we give car in morning at 7:30 am and they return it always at 3:00 pm same day. Buying Sonata the decision was taken against camry and altima but not a bad decision….

      Ideally my concern is Space, Price and Reliability, in the same price range you have multiple options.

      In price range of 120K-130K why Hyundai ? why not Prado, Durango, Explorer or CX-9 ?

      Toyota, might give you resale but you will be sitting in basic car and again routine car every third person have it.

      Durango, is giving more attraction for its new model. even basic is good enough to live with. space is v.good enough as well. 5 years comprehensive warranty also.

      Explorer, again its Ford after warranty period will it be expensive? Remembering Ford Focus A/C repair cost around 2.5K even using 2nd hand parts.

      Mazda, Very Bad at Service Centers, don’t know but listen this way from friends…

      Hyundai, coming with new designs, very handsome price range with respect to options available, reliability is there now, service centers are good enough. Now what is lacking i don’t know is just the Badge or Resale may be.

  14. BMW X5 copy paste shape.

  15. Guys iam seriously considring getting santa fe v6 basic , should i really go for it plz advise sincerely coz iam paying cash full amount 96,900/= upfront ….. thx.

  16. 1.4 x 2 BASIC 82,900Dhs

    At 83k this may actually cannabalise sales of the Sportage which costs around 77k now…

    i think the V6 is one to go for, 2.4L is ok but weak given the over wieght of Santa fe. they really should lose the same it sounds like a Hardees burger…

  17. I am considering to buy full options of 3.3L Santa fe because of following points which I will not get from explorer or Durango etc… even if pay 130 K

    1) Panoramic Sun Roof
    2) 8 Inch touch screen (Explorer has only on it 176K version)
    3) Leather seats
    4) Memory Seats with cooling & heating for front passengers
    5) Memory package for mirrors which which also capable of auto folding.
    6) Lambda 3.3L V6 Engine is performing very well with Azera, Cadenza etc… so good proven track record.

    1) No Lane Departure warning system for Middle east version
    2) No Blind Sport monitoring for middle east version
    3) No Smart parking assist, which automatically parks in parallel parking in middle east version

    It has other gadgets like automatic lights, rain sensing wipers, defoggers, self leveliser, ABS, EBD, Traction control, etc….

    Unfortunately still the vehicle is not yet launched in Qatar as the distributor in Qatar is seriously lacking aggressiveness in business.

  18. I wonder whether this version has Smart cruise control. Still no clear idea from distributor. I will wait for Mashfique hussain’s review for understanding this.

  19. Don’t understand the logic. Why would they want to use the engine from the outdated Sorento and to top it, they ignore the same engine variant without the GDI / NO dual CVVT.

    The 2.0L turbo has got tons of positive review and seems ideal to replace the V6. Looks like they just want to finish off the old Lambada engine stocks.

    Great looks, but weak engine options!!!!!!!!

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