Toyota Auris hatchback hints at 2013 Corolla

Toyota Auris hatchback hints at 2013 Corolla

The Toyota Auris, the hatchback version of the Corolla that is offered in Europe, has been redesigned for 2013. Set for a 2012 Paris Motor Show debut, this car serves as a preview of what to expect from the next-generation Toyota Corolla.

Toyota’s sharper styling theme helps the new Auris achieve a coefficient of drag of 0.28. The whole car has been lengthened and lowered, even though it looks like it is still based on the existing platform. The suspension and steering have also been updated. They’ve also managed to increase stiffness and reduce weight, if only slightly. The interior also gets lots of new soft-touch areas.

Engines on offer for Europe will be 1.33-litre and 1.6-litre petrol motors, a 1.4-litre diesel and a flagship hybrid model.

It remains to be seen how much of the Auris ends up in the new Corolla that is expected next year. But it seems Toyota has its priorities right, at least in the European market.

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  1. Even if it comes to the UAE all those “fancy” stuff will be replaced with dead buttons and people will buy it with no questions asked , and those who do ask about the missing features a salesman would just say GCC spec,as if its a good thing.

    GCC spec for Toyota=Biggest Rip-Off ever!

    • Seriously check JDM specs no comparison at all.

      I remember back in 2005 i saw Lexus LX470 (JDM) in Pakistan with side cameras, front & Rear cameras + Night vision option on Windscreen. I don’t think so same option is ever offered in GCC ?

    • Perhaps if the GCC had dozens of dealer for each brand, there wouldnt be such a problem..

  2. I love the roooof!!!

    Woot woot!! 😀

  3. U guys r doing a great job, especially the mobile interface of the website rocks.

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