Tramontana XTR revealed in computer images

Tramontana XTR revealed in computer images

Advanced Design Tramontana, a small-time Spanish automaker who has rolled out just one supercar called the Tramontana R till date, has now released computer-generated sketches of their forthcoming model, the Tramontana XTR.

The XTR, which looks like a heavily-facelifted Tramontana R, is a mid-engine rear-wheel-drive car powered by a 5.5-litre twin-turbo V12 motor sourced from Mercedes-Benz, rated for a massive 888 hp and 945 Nm of torque. The XTR is expected to do the 0-100 kph dash in about 3.5 seconds, before hitting a claimed top-speed of about 350 kph, and just like its predecessor, boasts a cockpit designed to seat two in a “one-behind-the-other” fashion. Tramontana claims that there are several modifications made to the F1-inspired body and the suspensions, for better aerodynamics and improved ride characteristics.

It may take as long as the 2013 Geneva Motor Show for the Tramontana XTR to be unveiled. As with its predecessor, the production of the XTR will be limited to just 12 a year, with each one carrying a price tag of an equivalent of about Dhs 1.9 million.

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