So we got a 2013 Lexus ES 350

So we got a 2013 Lexus ES 350

This is the latest version of the Lexus ES 350. This isn’t really a car we give a damn about. It’s based on a stretched Toyota Camry, it’s got wrong-wheel-drive in a RWD segment, and it’s become the car of choice for private taxi services, so you can expect to be cut off by one of these on the highway. But when we drove the car, it’s purpose became clear in the first minute itself, and we really started liking it for that.

You see, the only reason to buy a Lexus ES is because you prefer comfort over sportiness. The sporting credentials of luxury sedans, including the pricier GS 350, are dubious nowadays anyway. Most of them have dull controls and electronic driving aids. So why even bother being sporty?

The Lexus ES goes back to basics, offering Bentley-grade ride quality, lots of leather, and even more space. Indeed, the ES has grown in size this time around. But while the boot is bigger, the space-management in the rear is a bit iffy. More in the full review

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  1. How is it versus the Toyota Aurion?

  2. the backlights is the new bmw 5 series replica and its much worse ….

  3. when is the 2013 Avalon being released? I believe the 2013 ES350 is based on it.

  4. looks good but… 180k?…

    audi A6 looks more promising

  5. It’ll last longer both in terms of resale and reliability than any car that the Germans have to offer.

  6. 180K in UAE? Its about 220K for the non-panoramic version and 240K for the panoramic version in Bahrain.

  7. if it was for 180K for full option then it is a deal…with an average of 80k less than its german competitors..for 180 you cant even get a decent 3 series or a c class…but the rear design is really sleepy..the old one’s facelift version’s tail lights are more of alive.

  8. What is that slot above the hazard lights button?

  9. Is the latest ES-350 RWD ?

  10. tank god they change the shape of it. the previous shape was so ugly i couldn’t imagine why would anyone buy such ugly car and once i drove it the body roll was so bad i thought im in a gmc truck. but at list this one looks good i don’t know about the price and ride quality though

  11. This shape is so mod friendly 😉

  12. Could you tell me where to find the mud flaps? Unable to find any in the US.

  13. I need car Lexus ES 350 price 20,000 only in dibba all fujairah

  14. Need car es350

  15. Very good car

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