Dacia-Renault Logan and Sandero get restyled for 2013

Dacia-Renault Logan and Sandero get restyled for 2013

Two stalwarts of cheap motoring, the Dacia Logan sedan and the Dacia Sandero hatchback, have finally received comprehensive redesigns for 2013 to bring them up to modern standards.

While these Romanian-built cars only came to GCC countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE a couple of years ago rebadged as Renault models, they’ve been on sale for almost a decade in Eastern Europe. For no apparent reason, they’d also been saddled with outdated styling, as if making sure they can’t compete with real French-built Renault models.

The latest exterior and interior updates seem to be largely cosmetic, as there is no mention of mechanical specs.

Keep track of updates in the Renault buyer guide.

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  1. Author

    For my buddy Ciprian.

  2. Awww….thanks mate! On another hand, i really really like the way it looks. it’s a huge improvement and it’s a definite “do buy” for me… oh!! once i shift the current job that is…

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