So we got a 2012 Toyota 86 automatic

So we got a 2012 Toyota 86 automatic

Yes, we’ve driven this car already. But that was the basic manual version. This is the top-spec automatic version.

Let’s face it, most people here can’t be bothered with driving a sports car like a sports car is meant to be driven. So the automatic version is the one that’ll sell like hot cakes.

The automatic Toyota 86 still turned out to be a fun car, and this top version also benefits from various upgrades that we’ll talk about in the full review.

But we did one better. George, one of our contributors who also writes for a magazine, also got the base manual version of the 86 at the same time, so we got the cars together and looked at every possible difference between the two cars. But more on that later.

What do you think?



  1. so “So we got a 2012 Toyota 86 automatic” and more on that later?
    what a pathetic journalist

  2. I started to like this car, I know that my opinion doesnt mean anything to many, with this color and these rims the car really looks nice, but still the main weakness point is power, I’m not talking about big increase in power but 30-40 extra horsepower would have been perfect … Turbo Toyota …. Turbo

    • I drove it; I would not say its powerful but neither is it underpowered..

      I wouldnt go for a turbo though; perhaps a chip tune will give you an extra 20-40 hp to balance out its power curve for those asking for more..

      I believe it would have produced more than 200 hp though for the sake of fuel economy and emissions which is a big deal in other markets in the world; I would not be surprised they limited it to such output..

      As a matter of fact I already know a guy who is building his own turbo kit for his brand new 86. The car is modified to meet RTA standards in Dubai as it still has the stock muffler to meet noise limits..

    • As a matter of fact I heard that you can chip tune the 86 under warranty…

      Even certain modifications are permitted to a certain degree under warranty..

    • Is it a matter of fact, or is it a heresy? Al Futtaim is a very rigid dealer and I am not sure if they will allow.

      Also, how much does this chip tuning will cost and how much extra oomph will it provide?

      Btw, I have driven this car, its very nice overall..only when u wanna drag race against a V8, you will feel inadequate, however for daily driving, this should be fine.

  3. freezing cool car period.

  4. Nice Car… The Trunk make it look cheap though..

  5. umm..”DUde” (soo creative btw, wow…kudos) – everyones got their own style. Mash has his which sets him apart from the regulars. Dont hate.

  6. Base manual is the way to go with this one.

  7. Isn’t the automatic one with the body kit, spoiler and all?

  8. Some one has written in the comments that he will upgrade his car and install a turbo in it.

    1. Is it possible here in U.A.E. ?
    2. Secondly what about the passing of the car every year ?
    3. If it’s OK with RTA and Police than from where we can have this upgrade / modification ?


  9. Hey George,

    Do you still have the R32?

  10. dude should have phrased it differently but the article is pretty thin indeed..

    waiting for more to come 😉

  11. We’ve been waiting this car review for longtime..Thanks alot Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury.

    In Qatar this car not launched yet even no time when will be available in qatari market.

  12. Dude..Just give us the details already!!! Is it worth the 125k?

  13. it reminds me with toyota’s old legend “Celica” , it used to compete Honda prelude back in 1992 both powered with 160 hp, well, honda needs to come up with a new rival to this car

  14. roumers are that subaru are working on a turbo BRZ!! any idea if they are true??

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