Eye lashes to dress up your car

Eye lashes to dress up your car

Feel like dressing up your car? According to an ad in a UAE group-buying site, you can now give some pretty eyes to your vehicle by purchasing eye-lashes heavily-loaded with thick eyeliners. Stick them on to your headlights, and voila! You now have an ‘eye-catching’ car.

These have been around for a while, but now you can get them at a discount. According to the ad, these paint-friendly lashes can be easily mounted on the car with a 3M automotive trim tape. What’s more, this car accessory is designed to endure both water and wind even while the car’s in motion. Prices start at Dhs 49 on Groupon, but is there really a public who’d dare to spare some notes for this. A recent Cobone advertisement also offered the same product for Dhs 39 instead of Dhs 80, and the deal is apparently ‘successful’.

There are still some mixed opinions for this beauty merchandise. While some declare “no way”, there are others who still consider “why not”. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before the authorities ban it.

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  1. Does it wink too?
    if so I’m putting them on my car to disturb chicks on the road. Hehe

  2. The lamest thing I have ever seen in my life !!!

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