Nissan Altima 2013 GCC launch in the UAE

Nissan Altima 2013 GCC launch in the UAE

The all-new 2013 Nissan Altima has just been launched in the Middle East, at an event in Dubai. Available in 2.5-litre and 3.5-litre versions, the Altima is part of Nissan’s big plan to increase their sedan market-share in the GCC.

The front-wheel-drive midsize Altima can be had with the 182 hp 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine, mated to a CVT automatic, in S, SV and SL trims, while the 270 hp 3.5-litre engine, also mated to a CVT, can be had in SV and SL trims.

The 2.5-litre models are priced between Dhs 79,000 and Dhs 95,000 in the UAE, with a well-equipped mid-range model also available at around Dhs 86,000. The 3.5-litre models are priced between Dhs 99,000 and Dhs 114,000.

For more specs and features, visit the Nissan Altima buyer guide.

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  1. In between Nissan Maxima & Nissan Sunny. Carrying the same design clues.
    The V6 engine is same as in Nissan Maxima VQ35DE

  2. This segment is no so crowded that it is hard to decide, even prices are not different from one manufacturer to another but after all and from personal experience, Nissan and specially altimas are not that quality cars and they always have issues

  3. I would rather get the V6 Altima than the Maxima. Maxima is based on the Altima. Both are made in the US. I actually like the interior on the Altima better. And it is over AED 10k cheaper than the Maxima.

    • I agree with you, the new altima has much nicer interior than Maxima but it is a matter of taste after all, but when the new maxima arrives in a year or two, of course its interior will be better and so on

  4. Do you guys in the UAE have the older generation 3.5 for sale in Nissan showroom? Because in Qatar they stopped bringing the 3.5, forcing you to move upto to the maxima if you wanted a 3.5. So I’m surprised to hear they are launching the 2013 altima with a 3.5 as well in the UAE

  5. Ugly…ugly….ugly

  6. And Mash, are you sure about the trim-level breakdown because it seems to be quite different from the S,SV and SL in the states (if this is true then we’re getting ripped off in the GCC). Your quoted 0-60 and fuel economy figures are somewhat off as well, are those offical numbers?

  7. @ Mashfique – Buddy.. I dont the price starts @ 79k… As per some news.. Begining is 92k… Which is very high.. Comparitively…

    • Author

      This is what was announced by Nissan Middle East. If the dealer jacks it up further to make more money, that’s a separate story.

  8. disappointing .. looks more like a privately photoshopped maxima. Nissan has so much potential, why this?

  9. i like this car but it same like nissan maxima and sunny but its price is very high.

  10. Lolz …. i have Maxima 2012 … lolz still happy coz in abudhabi they will use Altima for public taxi … but not the Maxima… still it has its own value

    • EGO is all that is my friend! Altima is a good car and thats why it is used for a taxi. But Maxima is a good car, not sure about the gear box though.

  11. I saw this car in the mall the other day and I was a bit disppointed with the looks. Maybe it was the white color! The old Altima was looking better!

  12. when will this model be available at Saudi Arabia? All Nissan dealership websites are still showing the 2012 model.

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