2013 Renault Clio RS 200 revealed

2013 Renault Clio RS 200 revealed

The French auto-manufacturer Renault has introduced their latest iteration of the hothatch, the Renailt Clio RS 200.

Power comes from a turbocharged 1.6-litre engine mated to EDC (Efficient Double Clutch) transmission which was developed by Renault Sport engineers. Basically, while the old Sport Clio was available with a manual gearbox only, the new one will be automatic, or an automated-manual rather.

The exteriors of the Clio RS adorns F1-style front blade, a diffuser and spoiler that generate 80 and 20 per cent more downforce, respectively, a unique grille and spoiler, front and rear bumper, wide-set LED daytime running lights, sill extensions and 17-inch wheels, with 18-inch rims available as an option and a dual-tailpipe exhaust system.

On the insides, black is the ambient colour with some red detailing. It gets a steering wheel with paddles, a dedicated instrument pack and aluminium-capped pedals and leather upholstered bucket seats.

The RS is offered with a specific Renault Sport exterior personalisation programme that begins with a choice of four themes, upgrade elements, trim packs etc.

The 16-valve 4-cylinder develops 200 hp at 6,000 rpm. Torque is up by 25 at 240 Nm available from just 1,750 rpm up to 5,600 rpm. Technologies like direct fuel-injection, F1-derived DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) cam followers, braking energy recovery (ESM), reduced friction and Variable Valve Timing have been incorporated into the mechanicals.

Customers get to choose between the Sport chassis setup and a Cup chassis that is 15 per cent stiffer and ride height lowered by 5 mm and as standard comes 320 mm diameter discs at the front; larger by 8 mm over its predecessor.

The RS is equipped with a ‘sport’ button named R.S. Drive which modifies the engine and gearbox mapping, ESC settings, steering feeling and throttle pedal response. It has three modes ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Race’. In ‘race’ mode, gear changes can be made in just 150 milliseconds.

Renault’s engineers have adapted the R-Sound Effect for the Clio RS by adding specific engine noises. It uses Renault R-Link, an application that simulates engine through the car’s speakers.

Downsizing the engine combined with EDC has helped the new RS reduce fuel consumption by 2 l/100 km as compared to the naturally-aspirated 2.0 (F4R) power plant of the Clio III.

Expect the new Renault Clio RS 200 to hit the UAE, Saudi Arabia and rest of the GCC by the beginning of next year.

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  1. I would never doubt that its going to be a good chassis.. Though, I assume a bigger NA engine would suit it better rather than a smaller turbo one..

  2. is it all wheel drive or front wheel drive?

  3. it will be front wheel.. the car has too shorter wheelbase to benifit from all wheel so why waste money?.. it looks good on paper although i dont like the sound of the engine noise being put through the car speakers to make it sound more agresive in the cabin (A little Takie)

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