Nissan Juke-R street-legal version revealed

Nissan Juke-R street-legal version revealed

Soon after the Nissan Juke-R prototype ended its world tour in a publicity stunt of unprecedented scale, it was announced that the car will go into bespoke production on a limited basis since they were receiving enough interest from rich people looking for their next plaything. Here is the first proper street-legal Nissan Juke-R.

Priced at €500,000, which is well above Dhs 2.3 million in UAE money, the “production” Juke-R gets the upgraded 2012 GT-R drivetrain, good for 545 hp. The 3.8-litre turbocharged V6 helps the little crossover achieve a 275 kph top speed and 0-100 kph in 3 seconds.

UK-based Motorsports company RML, who build the Juke-R for Nissan, has only custom-built this one car for a customer so far, with a second one coming soon. Both cars are likely heading to the GCC.

Incidentally, we drove the prototype at the Dubai Autodrome, alongside a Nissan GT-R. Read about it here.

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  1. Haha 2.3 million…joke (juke) of the year

  2. its a joke for that ugly looking car!…

  3. Is this part of a troll?

  4. Guys, 0-100kn/hr in 3seconds!!!

    And well, this car doesn’t look BAD!

    Nissan needs to remove the footlights of juke (as seen in the pics above) and voila! U have a decent looking Juke!:)

  5. a few more fog lights and it would look like a spider….

  6. Or….. you can buy a BMW X5m or 1.8 million less

  7. The front + bumper looks like Jeremy Clarkson’s face when hes driving the Ariel Atom.

  8. do they think that this is really exclusive? it should be poor man’s x5 ML 63….means it should not worth than 180k..still for 180k it questionable to buy such a weird “car”!

  9. didnt the first juke-r go to someone in dubai??

  10. 2.3 million OMG…. How much GTR cost ? I think around 400k
    Be 2 second slow and save approx 2 million…

  11. Additionally can some one highlight what this Juke have special to spend 2.3 million thanks GOD it’s not billion….


  13. As long as people are ready to pay for it, Nissan will produce it ! Even then 2.3m sounds ridiculous -_- You can get a Ferrari, GTR and an M5 in that much I reckon. And still have a bit left over to build a nice little garage.

  14. usually the expensive sport car looking very good and have the head turning effect , but 2.3 million for this ugly shape ?!!!!

  15. please rich poeple think 100 times b4 buying this, why? becuase any one can buy the normal Juke by max 94k Dhs (1.6L Turbo)and with additional 50k dhs he can make it the same as Juke-R (in shape not power),but you cant make nissan sunny look like Ferrari or Lamborghini

  16. if i have a nissan GTR and 458 itaia and lp700 avantador and Bugatti veyron and LFA and pogani zonda R than i might think of paying 2.3m dhs for this car. and one more thing who ever buy this car with this price is the joke of the year.

  17. And the Joke goes on………..

  18. For those who does understand the juke.. it will always be a juke (Joke)…

    A Ferrari is an exotic car, as it’s custom made to suit the driver who paid for it… getting some free coupons and driving in big boys toys or a test drive doesn’t count as have driven a Ferrari…

    A Mitsubishi EVO X on a stage 3 upgrade can any day give a Lamborghini aventador a run for its money.. but one has to understand… the concept that separates a competition car, an exotic, a street tuned, a drifter and a drag race car..

    once you find a car that would do all, that’s perfection, except the fact of taking part in the dakar rally, i reckon the juke fits all the above above mentioned categories.

    The ugly thing as said above took all the above mentioned exotics in a circuit race… imagine you gave it a straight line, all the blessed exotic’s would just be seeing the Juke tail lights in front of it.

    price wise of 2.3 million is a lil steep.i would have to agree.. but that was the initial feed based on the details that went into building the Juke-R. A simple tyre mod at Karama and a couple of light doesnt qualify a Nissan sunny into a street tuner…

    FYI a 800 hp juke Stage 3 is being built for Dubai and is its last stage of completion as we speak… try to catch a glimpse of it sometime flying past the other rides..

    Torque /Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall.
    Its how far you take the wall with you.



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