Oman Police foil attempt to smuggle stolen car across border

Oman Police foil attempt to smuggle stolen car across border

The Royal Oman Police recently foiled an attempt to smuggle a stolen car out of the country.

According to Gulf News, the plan was busted during a routine inspection at a checkpoint in Adam, where the police found a stolen car loaded onto a trailer that was headed towards Oman’s southern border. On inspection, the police found a car that was reported stolen, although it had false number plates.

The vehicle was seized and the driver taken into custody for further investigation. It is said that car thefts have risen in the country in recent times. In Muscat, “youngsters” are stealing cars that are left unattended with their engines running, for joyrides and later abandoning them.

Police reports also stated that the Crime Branch arrested two people on charges of vehicle theft in Muscat.

The Royal Oman Police have urged all motorists to be cautious, and to not leave the vehicles with their engines running.

Meanwhile, police have arrested seven people for forging papers and selling cars which were still on loan. Some of the arrested are accused of forging papers to lift a loan on vehicles and then selling them to a third party. The accused will face a prison term of up to 15 years for forgery.

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  1. they use the S class as their cop cars????

  2. I kinda think it’s useless to use the S-Class as police car,even if they call it “Royal” police.

  3. ^haters gonna hate

  4. S-Class Mercedes for a poor country who can’t plan affordable housing projects for its citizens or proper medical care, or, or etc…

    I would have said nothing if this was Germany!!

  5. Oman is the 2nd poorest gulf country, after Yemen.

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