Nissan GT-R

Gold Nissan GT-R online charity-auctioned by Usain Bolt

Named after the world’s fastest man, a unique 2013 “Bolt Gold” Nissan GT-R will go to the highest bidder in a global online charity auction to be held on from November 22 to December 2, 2012. The money will go to Olympic champion Usain Bolt’s charity.

All proceeds from the charity auction will benefit the Usain Bolt Foundation, which was established to support educational and cultural opportunities for children and young people in Bolt’s home
country of Jamaica.

Usain Bolt teamed up with Nissan in June 2012 as a brand ambassador. Nissan prepared the special 2013 GT-R Premium Edition, painted ‘Bolt Gold’, for the charity auction to commemorate Bolt’s Olympic gold medals. The car will feature a gold plate embossed with Bolt’s autograph.

The auction is open to anyone around the world whose country has the GT-R officially available in showrooms, so basically, you can bid from Saudi Arabia but not from Bangladesh. The prize car will be built to the performance specifications conforming to regulations in the winning bidder’s country of residence. Nissan plans to deliver the vehicle to the winner in March 2013.

The car will be auctioned at Bidding begins at 12:00 GMT on November 22 and ends at 11:59 GMT on December 2. All proceeds from the online charity auction will go directly to the Usain Bolt Foundation.

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  1. my offer is AED 20
    wouldnt spend more for such ugly colour scheme..

  2. 500k last give it or go

  3. since its for charity, i will offer a reasonable 200k AED. mainly cause of the embarrassment i will face driving around in a matt gold gtr.

  4. of brilliant color is the color of gold and these are the car went

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