Kia Quoris debuts as 2013 model in UAE

Kia Quoris debuts as 2013 model in UAE

The 2013 Kia Quoris made its UAE debut this week, becoming the flagship of the Kia range, with a huge leap from the Optima and Cadenza in terms of pricing.

The Quoris comes with a 286 hp 3.8-litre “MPI” V6, unlike the more powerful “GDI” direct-injection engine available in other markets. The rear-wheel-drive platform is fed power via an 8-speed automatic and held up by electronically-adjustable air suspension.

Available features include a full LCD gauge cluster, electronic gear-shift knob, haptic-feedback steering wheel controls, 9.2-inch dual rear screens, heads-up display, ventilated seats, surround-view cameras and more.

Prices in the UAE start at Dhs 180,000 and top out at Dhs 219,000.

Keep track of specs and updates in the Kia buyer guide.

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  1. badly priced… Its better to get BMW>…..

  2. Then go, get one.

  3. I said before it will be released before the end of the year and I was downvoted for that, any way, who won the Puma shoes and T shirt competition?

    • Author

      see the Puma post!

    • What’s wrong with people here, I asked Mash about the results of the competition because with the too many comments I missed to see the results in the comments section for Puma post, and the man replied quickly and I appreciate that for him, why he is downvoted for that, would some one explain please????

    • Author

      They must’ve not won the shoes. The winners are also mentioned at the bottom of the post as well.

  4. BMW should sue them , i would .

  5. The price is almost similar to a 5 series BMW and a E class benz.

  6. should fail and those cubes in that headlight looks yuck !

  7. Yes, it “borrows” a lot of looks from the other cars. But, hey, a lot of brands do it these days. I think what we should appreciate and should acknowledge is that regardless of the Kia being a Korean brand, they have started to make pretty good cars.

    I was in the 2011 Optima the other day and was very impressed with the car. I drove it and I can tell you that it would beat any of its Japanese/European/American rivals in technology, design, economy, build and ride quality.

    If this car delivers what it says on paper, it will be a fantastic car from Kia. But having said that, I agree that it is poorly priced. 🙂 They should not have crossed the 125k mark for this car.

  8. yup!! this is the one i’ve seen at that seminar

  9. ماشين فوق العاده اي هست براي من كه ايده ال

  10. The price is a much bigger deterrent than the badge!

  11. You got to be a moron to pay 200k dhs for a Hyundai. I’m looking forward to see who’s gonna buy this car for the same money he would get an Infinity FX and many other great cars…….

    • KIA/Hyundai, same thing!

    • well..not really

      but yes I agree, they are all dreadful..

      BUT if someone doesnt want good driving dynamics (someone boring and dull, unlike me :P) and dont care about the badge as such (someone like me), might even consider such a car…the problem in UAE is people want to show off the wealth they inherited 😛 and KIA doesnt have enough brand value to reach people’s pockets yet…

      If this was a 150k car, it would sell…

  12. this car will be predicted FAIL, like aurion, like Mazada Cx-9…

    too expensive especially in the terrority they are in… they should have priced this AED 130k MAX…. when then introduced the KIA sportage there was 30k price difference between the CRV…so people bought the sportage in droves…

    this one makes ZERO sense.

  13. Notwithstanding all the legitimate backlash aimed at the ‘inspired’ design of the Quoris and its out-of-place pricing, funny how we find it easier to criticize the Koreans for copying the Germans, when infact the Chief Design Officer at Kia Motors is a German (and ex-Audi).

    Why isn’t he getting the heat? In fact, what does he get?? (Of course, the Quoris isn’t the only reason for that…)

    A promotion from Chief Design Officer to Company President! And the first non-Korean at that!

  14. So be it a copy of BMW & other top brands, it shouldn’t have been too poorly priced.

    Quoris would be a hot selling item in UAE if correctly priced @ 117k-125k (Max)for Top range.

    In its GLS 12 model even the basic cruise control is not available, its Basic model should be priced around same as basic cadenza as both dont have leather seats i.e AED 73,000/- tops.

    • the basic cruise control is available as standard in both the models, but not the advanced radar based cruise control which automatically brakes the car if the car in front of you brakes, which is only available in the TOP model

  15. When I was a kid, I vaguely remember Lexus was called Toyota Lexus. Then they decided to brand Lexus as a separate car without associating it with Toyota. I think its time Hyundai and Kia follow the same principle of Lexus and Infinity for their Genesis and Quoris.

  16. People buy Kia or Hyundai as an alternative to more expensive cars.The price is as much as a BMW. Which is idiotic. Kia shouldn’t be doing this, not right now. In 10-15 years maybe. Looks like a few years of success is starting to get to them.

  17. hi guys
    dont say cheap things to kia cuz its koren
    its qulity and live

    most use samsung tv and phone beat other brands

    also car in futuer u will see

  18. I understand the local agent got 30 cars initially sometime December that got sold in 1 week. Waiting list reached almost 50 cars of which 25 has been delivered. I believe 18 will be delivered this month and further 18 on waiting list. So there are customers for the minimum no of cars they plan to sell. Judging by how they are going about, they dont plan to take established luxury brands head on but want to slowly build market by putting their product out there. KIA offering upto 10 years warranty and 5 years service for their cars in Kuwait.

  19. Price in Jeddah (KSA) : SAR 165000, source Al Jabr Motors Jeddah. It should have been in the 120k to 140k SAR price range.

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