Lexus UAE drastically cuts prices on several models

Lexus UAE drastically cuts prices on several models

Car prices are hard to come by in the UAE, especially as they quietly keep changing every few weeks and salespeople can’t be bothered to answer phones. However, one thing Al Futtaim Motors did right was posting their prices on the internet, saving us a lot of hassle while we update our buyer guide. But when we were updating prices for Lexus, we noticed something very “off” about the prices. Many of the 2013 prices seemed to be much lower than 2012 prices.

For example, the slow-selling Lexus IS-F is priced at Dhs 280,000 for a single top-spec 2013 trim, when it ranged from Dhs 299,000 to Dhs 310,000 a year ago.

The fully-optioned Lexus GS 350 F-Sport is now Dhs 265,000 for 2013, when it was overpriced at Dhs 290,000 just six months ago. In fact, you can now pick up a recently-launched GS 450h for Dhs 295,000.

Interestingly, the popular models have only witnessed minor prices decreases, namely the base models of various ranges.

The base-model Lexus GS 250 now starts at Dhs 185,000 for 2013, when it was Dhs 195,000 six months ago. And the base-model 2013 GS 350 is only Dhs 5,000 cheaper, at Dhs 230,000.

In fact, the Lexus IS 300 is so popular that prices have actually increased for 2013, at Dhs 172,000 to Dhs 188,000, when it was Dhs 165,000 to Dhs 183,000 earlier this year. The IS 250 has been dropped after just one year.

Prices for the 2013 Lexus LX 570, their best-selling model by far in this country, holds absolutely steady, ranging from Dhs 340,000 to Dhs 398,000. Prices for the 2013 GX 460 are unchanged as well, still starting at Dhs 248,000.

Ironically, prices for the Lexus CT 200h hybrid holds steady as well, ranging between Dhs 138,000 to Dhs 174,000, although it isn’t particularly a big seller.

The ES, LS and RX are new models for 2013, with the customary price increases that come with it.

This makes an interesting case-study on supply and demand, and Lexus UAE isn’t the only one playing with their prices. Every other dealer in the country does it as well, but at least Lexus is transparent about it.

For all specs and prices, visit the Lexus buyer guide.

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  1. I am truly sick and tired of overpriced (and water-downed “full option” ) cars that stealerships sell out here~!!!!

  2. well people may find there is huge discount but still same for me

    the CT model when its first introduce in alfutaim ajman branch the price were 118,000 and one by one it reach 130,000 !!!

    Also…my friend brought IS 2008 model in-2008 @ price 130,000 without the insurance offer and now the latest one around 174.000 !!!

    what discount they are talking about?

    i will not blame Alfutaim,but this thing same in Alhabtoor too, they add from 10000 to 20000+ on the car price (for me i think they taking the servicing prices-which should ment to be free,and the cargo deleivering-taxes)

    • Author

      That’s the point really. These are not discounts. These are adjustments on prices based on demand. If people are ready to pay more for an IS 300, they’ll keep the prices high.

  3. And what about the LFA?

  4. you need to place an order to get LFA

  5. You really think greedy dealers here reduce prices just like that? No way!
    Reason for price drop is the so called ” fool options” or base model etc have less options than previous year.
    You have to compare spec by spec and see what they took out. Something would have been taken out, either some option or service contract or warranty.
    Jaguar, Audi also play these games. Remember when price of the v6 jag xf dropped to 160-170k? It was cause some options were excluded which made the base 2010 cheaper than say a base 2009.
    Never ever fall for these greedy dealer sales tactics.
    Another example is the Honda special editions, add some chrome junk to the base models n they become special looool

    • Author

      After what you said, I went over the spec sheets. From what I can tell, the IS-F hasn’t lost any features, and the top-spec GS loses the centre-armrest controls for a/c and radio. Don’t know about lower models.

  6. because there’s an answer to all of that. Lexus LX model got huge competition by Nissan Petrol. As for the GS model, there’s something wrong that drive people away from it, it’s not a fast selling car. Myself, i was considering buying the LS 2013, but now i’m thinking about something else because it’s overpriced.

  7. Who cares?!
    Most of the Lexus cars are tacky, boring and expensive for nothing!

  8. well, the dealar try to decrease prices just becuase the seals not moving so well,if someone in Lexas administrative say… before two years the demand on lexas much more than display,but from 2010 till now the display much more than demand – thats true guys

    and what i heard too from him, people return the RX new model becuase its not stable enoguh while moving on corners and U-Turns, anyone who drive it he will feel the whole car will turn upside down.

    also the Toyota FJ cruiser and aurion will be stop soon there production in 2013 even if you saw 2013 in the showrooms, and many models in toyota like yaris and others will be done in China 2013 (so i don’t persuaded if some sells men say its toyota @ the end!!) ,except Avalon,Land cruiser & 86 !!! thats whay he said

    so next year i will drive corolla made in china?or yaris made in china??? Oh my god

    if the small honda jazz cost 75,000 and the sedan city cost 61.000 !!
    both of them are 1500CC “1.5”-same type of engine
    the city less in price just because they made it in thailand made “japanese engine” it less,but small jazz from pumper to pumper made in japan “japanese engine” is 14.000 more !!!

    so what you will expect next year when there is corolla china’s made ? it will cost 50.000 or less? and what about yaris 35.000????

    i know i am far from the main subject , but toyota ,honda and lexas from same dealer.

  9. Can any body justify me the price difference between United States and UAE, where in US we have tax and UAE is tax free, but still in US cars are 30-50% cheaper than uae.

    • I would argue the 30-50% comment but the fact that prices are cheaper in US is simple… 1) most brands have factories there so shipping costs are not included, 2) GCC spec cars require additional modifications, which when split in terms of volume adds on to the R&D cost for GCC spec’d cars, 3) simple fact that in US, manufacturers sell as much in 1 month as they do in 1 year here.. i hope this clarifies things a bit…

    • 1) Cars are produced all over the world. Yes, many US owned firms produce in the US. Japanese firms however produce in Japan – so a Lexus in the UAE has to be transported from Japan, just like a Lexus in the US. If I can ship a car from the UK to the UAE for approx $7000, the costs to the manufacturers will be negligible, and significantly less than this.
      2) These cars are produced in bulk, and the R&D costs will be apportioned equally amongst all the cars produced. At the end of the day, car manufacturers are there to make a maximum profit by maximum sales. They will make batches with specific adjustments according to the needs of their market. These needs change even within the confines of Europe, yet cars are still significantly cheaper than the UAE.
      3) True that the US market is huge compared to here. Economies of scale/lack of freedom of trade must be the only reasons for the increased prices here.

  10. @zia

    simple: monoply

    AFM has exclusive rights to import toyota and others dont.

    So it gives them a free to charge what they like both unit price + service charges with nothing to fear.. whats more you have population who have herd mentality who believes “toyota is best” .. no matter how many glaring quality issues are exposed.

    this is AFM’s heaven.

    • Nowadays some VWs have become a money saver compared to some Toyota models.

      People buying Toyotas just because they are Toyotas is a slowly changing perception because brand monopoly & brand image are not helping when it comes to buying a mainstream car these days.

  11. the ES-350 2013 top model (bought for 212k dhs) has air leak and noise from windows its noticeable just after 90-100km speed its so clear and this problem is not solvable afater 3 times sending to service i will sell my new car ( drove less than 10k km) because of this noise from the windows

  12. how much is it to service a 2012 IS250? im thinking of buying one but first want to know what kind of maintenance costs im looking at! let me know !!

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