Strict new rules for UAE national day car decorations

Strict new rules for UAE national day car decorations

The UAE Ministry of Interior has issued guidelines regarding car decorations for UAE national day celebrations on December 2. Penalties include one-month car impoundment, a Dhs 2,000 fine and 12 black points.

According to The National newspaper, it is forbidden to change a vehicle’s colour, add noise-making accessories, obscure licence plates, and cover the windshield or driver’s window. Cars cannot carry more than the passenger capacity. And said passengers cannot stick any body part out of the vehicle’s windows or sunroof. Drivers are also not permitted to stop on the road, at bus stops and taxi stands, or in the middle of the road to screw around with the public.

Police from all over the country, from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah, have pledged to strictly enforce the rules this year. Police have warned motorists not to decorate their cars too soon, as it’s only permitted from November 30 until December 3. We assume stickers and flags are allowed, but not anything that covers the entire car.

Interestingly, up until a few years ago, official contests used to be held for picking the best decorated cars.

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  1. very goood…But I dont think UAE nationals will follow this rule anyway

    • The voilaters are ofcourse themselves UAE nationals who will break these laws. Example is i have already seen lots of cars on road with early decorations. Also action should be taken against decoration shops.

    • ^ Not necessarily UAE nationals. My brother decorates his car every year (we aren’t nationals) and he does it with passion with the interest of celebrating the national day but not to the extent shown in the above pic, hehe

      In the end, we all love the UAE and its just the degree to which one expresses it but its good these rules have come in force to keep control.

  2. Applying new rules looks good only in amendment.

  3. Who cares none of the expats care about the UAE national day anyway. The ones who will be violating these laws will ofcourse be the UAE nationals only but no one will dare say anything against them

  4. Im an expat, I havent ever decorated my car, but oh boy, its a blast at Jumeriah Road on 2nd Dec night!! I got to see some beautiful cars!!!!

  5. Food supplies – check. Water and refreshments – check. Ice and coffee and tea – check. Lock the door and enjoy the comfort of my home from 30th to 3rd. :P. oh!! and almost forget: enough energy to curse ford…

  6. Lol nice set of “rules” now lets see how they are “enforced”.
    Some will get away with ignoring these rules and some pthers(let’s not go into which nationalities) will be penalized. Il stay as far as possible from jum beach road.

  7. who says “we” dont care about national day…. it is a holiday!…. 🙂

    “Priyadarshan” looks annoyed being in UAE, i wonder why is he here?…. what his twinkle twinkle little star “shinning india” so bright for him he left that land for UAE?…

  8. @ prado

    actually just to let you know i am not from india

  9. ****actually just to let you know i am not from india******

    RE: Priyadarshan good for you!… i was actually feeling sorry for you.

  10. Plenty of cars getting decorated at the ghetto car accessories shops around town….the only difference is unlike before, the work just started a few days back from what I’ve observed and not weeks…maybe thanks to the new rules…

  11. Sorry To Say But I Am Not Following Such Rules , 2nd Dec Is The Only Day To Enjoy ..!

  12. I think Dubai will be the most strict as it gets ever year. Which means its more boring the next time. That’s why this time im heading to Abu Dhabi, i have seen videos from there and its pure madness 🙂

  13. Hmm.. I am Happy With thEse New laws…….
    And I loVe U.A.E..

  14. happy national day to all u a e i love U A E

  15. Well its good to have rules and follow them but again its National day which is celebrated all over the country,,,i understand some ppl are not happy with it…so you know the date and timing so be at home and sleep rather commenting…wish a happy national day to all and have a blast….

  16. Useless rules if not enforced as this year again. The usual pseuydo declarations..

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