2013 Toyota RAV4 debuts at LA Auto Show

2013 Toyota RAV4 debuts at LA Auto Show

The 2013 Toyota RAV4 was unveiled at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. The fourth generation RAV4 has been completely redesigned with a new engine under the hood.

The new engine is basically the same 2.5-litre plant found in the current Toyota Camry. The motor churns out 176 hp and 233 Nm of torque. Gone is the ancient 4-speed automatic and will now have a 6-speed transmission.

Notable exterior changes include the deletion of the spare tire at the back. This was done to accommodate the new rear liftgate to create more space.

It should arrive in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and GCC dealer showrooms by early next year.

Keep track of prices and updates in the Toyota buyer guide.

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  1. nice interior, but the car looks really really bad

  2. it actually looks ok

  3. It looks bigger than the current models. Hope there is a 4WD Terrain Management Sys on it.

  4. It looks very anonymous and characterless on the outside..

    And I thought previous Rav4s were ugly..

  5. Ahh.. a refreshing change…

  6. Expect this to be overpriced as usual by the local dealer when it is launched & hope it comes with some decent options & technology.

  7. front fascia looks like an old outlander and the rear of a GMC terrain.

  8. Its really ugly. Hyundais look so good. An example is the Santa Fe. I would buy Santa Fe over Rav4 anyday.

  9. This showes end of ideas at TOYOTA, front copied form CRV back side copied from ASX, and interier from might be from lexus, all this do not matter becuse offered/ sold by TOYOTA, people will buy this because of TOYOTA.

  10. It looks good, but it is confusing in this class, CRV interior is better looking, but I like this RAV 4 exterior better than the CRV, again, comes Santa Fe as good contender in terms of price because Santa Fe is bigger and in another category but the price is the same if not less …. I’m considering the 3 in the next few months as i got my genesis coupe and now i want to change the Tidda for a bigger car for the family, what do you think is better of the three, I’m leaning towards the RAV 4

  11. Cross between a Murano and a boat.

  12. CRv is the winner here

  13. Why they removed the spare tire at the back? I like the spare tire at the back…


    joseph palackan

  15. God gave me a chance to book the RAV4 2013, hopefully i will get it on Saturday morning. Its an awesome vehicle

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