2014 Lexus IS prototype pictures and details

2014 Lexus IS prototype pictures and details

The 2014 Lexus IS is almost ready, and the prototype has already been driven by few journalists in the US. According to initial impressions, Lexus is looking to improve the ‘fun-factor’ in the IS and with this next model hope to finally take on the ultimate leader in the compact car segment when it comes to combining luxury and sportiness, the BMW 3-series.

Taking cues from the impressive new Lexus GS, they have made the body more rigid, which in turn increases grip. The front suspension will be 20% stiffer and the back suspension will be taken from the GS, which is said help increase rear grip. The next IS will have different driving modes – Eco, Normal and Sport on the IS 250 and an additional Sport Plus option in the IS 350. The 350 also benefits from an 8-speed automatic taken from the powerful IS F. The 250 will still carry the 6-speed.

Also some gadgets adopted from the GS will be the Variable Gear Ratio Steering(VGRS) and Adaptive Variable Suspension(AVS), both of which will aid in improving handling.

Interior, the 2014 IS will get a whole new instrument cluster, similar to the GS. Also space for rear passengers has also increased as well as additional headroom, which is certainly a major plus.

A popular model in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and GCC markets, we are guessing the 2014 Lexus IS 350 could finally make its debut in this region.

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  1. just saying according to Motor trend ATS has taken over the segment of compact car luxury sedans 😛

    check urself

  2. And of course the new one will have the same “Predator” grill which imo ruins the car.

  3. cadillac leading the segment??? wtf..

    cadillac’s are as much about quality as great wall pick ups from china!!!

  4. I don’t know why but to me the overall shape looks exactly like the current model. So what if this is an all-new model just like the new LS i.e. same underpinnings with a revamped exterior and interior which means rear passenger comfort/space improvement will be minimal to say the least.

  5. This model seriously need improvement in rear compartment (seating space). I had IS 2008 model and i sold it due to poor cramp rear space.

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