Video of the week: Saudi 'drifters' chase KSA police car

Video of the week: Saudi ‘drifters’ chase KSA police car

We have seen police car chases on TV. Usually it’s the police car doing the chasing. But something goes horribly wrong here. In Saudi Arabia, the perps start chasing down a police car.

From the video clip, you can see a police car come over to clamp down on drivers performing illegal stunts on the roads. However, after something goes horribly wrong and we see the police car driving away fast with a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 right behind it trying to ram it down. He is not alone as another driver in a pickup joins in the chase

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  1. Saudis animal behaviour is well known. This is a example of it !!!

    • Look to another racist , This one video , you cna claim the all saudis are like that , i want to mecca and medina in ramdan. most of what is lie , you may see some rare cause, but that does not mean all saudis people are like that

    • you may see some rare cause************

      RE: Rare?….lool seriously which planet do you come from???

      i used to work in oil field services company and when ever our staff were assigned to go there we were always had to attend a safety course on driving in saudi.

      i wonder were they racist?

  2. What happned to KSA police force’s Luminas, Crown Vics and the likes?? Don’t they have SUV’s? A policeman armed with a Toyota Camry, is not exactly the right guy in that kind of a situation!

  3. yeah. bet if he was in crown vic,the situation would have been the other way around.

  4. That was Awkward situation ever for the Policeman i mean drifter hit and disobey police

  5. hahaha, thats cool :p

  6. ridiculous ..such people need the kind of highway patrols we have here in Bahrain.. Cruisers and Chargers with “horns” to stop such stupidity (they’ve been “ramming” thugs here for quite a while now!)

    (and NO where on earth such people are called “drifters”! please fix that)

  7. I doubt that the cops are orignal , as they usually got heavy american cars, or land curiser and Patrols….. it can be a prank…..

  8. Just having an American car or Patrol doesn’t resolve the issue, who knows the chasers have had guns and the policeman was in no mood to get into unwanted gun clash. Crown Victoria my foot.

    • No bro…Crown Vic, not for ramming into that LC 70 or gun clash…the Crown Vic sure is faster than that Camry – would have helped him run faster, without getting rammed from behind 😀 😀

    • No bro, the speed about the same as the camry since it weighs quite a lot and have what ?? 224 bhp ?? From a V8 ???

  9. i do agree with v6turbo if these animals start attacking together even if policemen were using humvee also its of no use…havent u ppl seen animal planet…group of small hyenas attacking even elephants…

  10. Some Saudis are crazy. Cursing an officer in duty can get someone in big trouble, let alone attempting to ram one on the road.

  11. Saudi public servants are crazy, i was quite surprised to know they take bribe openly.

  12. so… they are to serve and protect me? (gulp)

  13. Saudi apologists will have a hard time rationalizing that happened here..

  14. The problem is simple. It’s just one police officer in a camry vs an army of drifters and SUVs. The police guy should have called for backup.

  15. This is what happens when a bunch of people are born without a brain.

  16. only in saudi…..

  17. Some people call it reckles driving, but I call it skill. He is not hurting or harming any one. Just for fun. So chill juys, don’t be jealous. Now don’t report this comment.

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