2013 Toyota Prius launched at Saudi International Motor Show

2013 Toyota Prius launched at Saudi International Motor Show

The new 2013 Toyota Prius has been launched at this year’s Saudi International Motor Show in Jeddah.

It is quite a surprising one, considering petrol prices are just over 50 fills per litre in Saudi Arabia. The Prius comes as a hybrid, with a 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engine under the hood which produces 98 hp, connected to an electric motor. Both together combine to produce a total power of 134 hp. Torque is rated at about 142 Nm. The car is able to achieve a combined fuel economy rating of 4.7 l/100 km.

No price or launch date was given for the Toyota Prius, but rumours are it will have a starting cost of somewhere around SAR 100,000 with the first batch expected to hit showrooms in the first quarter of 2013. Saudi Arabia will be the first GCC country to offer the Prius officially as far as we know.

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  1. saudis care about gas milage?

  2. wrrrong place to launch a hybrid car!

  3. Of all the places..

  4. Not really I am today in Riyadh on business trip and in just over two years seems like this

    Entire lower end price cap cars are Kia reo and Hyundai accent

    Most mid size are 4 port sonataa

    And rich people in mid class opting for 1.6 l corolla

    It’s not petrol price it’s inflation and eroding income here and also ska now ranks lowest in gcc on per capita income

    Can u guys imagine how many élantras loaded I have seen its nuts!!!!

    As young gen is poor not affluent n want cheep cars

    It’s lot more than what meets the eye but I am happy for last two weeks as I fill my 2011 maxima for 25 dirham!!!! 120 aed in Dubai !!!!

  5. We need some V8 (8 cylinder) cars here in Saudi Arabia. Especially with the Crown Victoria dead. Ford just cut off their right arm. I hope they realize their mistake and bring it back. Living here in Saudi Arabia, I’d say that 1 in 5 cars is a Ford Crown Victoria. Used to be way more.

    A Chevrolet Impala would be a nice addition to the Chevrolet market, here in Saudi Arabia. I heard the Chevrolet Caprice is also not in production.

    In Saudi, gas is cheaper than water.

    • Ford cars and other big car are using too much gas which polluted our air so badly until we can not breath clean air. So I hope the people start to switch to cleaner car the consume less fuel and produce less emissions.

  6. It’s about time a hybrid is launched in Saudi Arabia ! Or perhaps the Middle East ! Having cheap prices for petrol must NOT prevent these cars from being undersold. In fact… Having too many vehicles operating on petrol has caused massive heat around traffic lights, you can’t even open turn off the cars air condition without the interior heating up so quickly.
    This car, if properly advertised, can ace it’s goal in sales.. Inshalla

  7. AssalamoAlaikum! Hope you are doing well insha’Allah, dear sir I need Prius model 2013 to 15 car is it available?

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