Honda reveal new models, including "revived" Honda S2000

Honda reveal new models, including “revived” Honda S2000

Honda has revealed some new models that they plan to release in the near future at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon. Ironically, one of the “concept” cars to be displayed includes a Honda S2000 with a daft body kit, which originally stopped production in 2008.

Honda will show the S2000 Modulo Climax, an S2000-based concept model featuring “aeroform” design and an interior coordinated in black and burgundy. From the looks of it, it is exactly the same car as before, just with cosmetic changes to the interior and little changes to the front and rear fascias. It looks to still have the enter-key-then-push-start button as well. Then again, this is just the concept.

Other featured automobiles will include models based on the all-new N-ONE mini-vehicle showing off its custom body colours and adorned in rhinestone. Also on display will be 10 mini-vehicles, including show models of the VAMOS and the ACTY TRUCK.

Models on exhibit will include the MUGEN CR-V Design Study, a CR-V-based concept model presenting a new design, and the CR-Z MUGEN RZ, a MUGEN vehicle sold commercially as a complete car limited to 300 vehicles.

Honda’s motorcycle exhibit will present the GOLDWING F6B. Customised vehicles derived from such models as the CB1300 SUPER FOURSpecial Edition and the NC700X will also be on display featuring aftermarket parts and accessories.

Honda’s racing vehicle exhibit will present the RC213V motorcycle, an essential contributor to Honda’s team and constructors’ championships in the 2012 MotoGP. Two cars from the SUPER GT Series, the HSV-010 GT and the MUGEN CR-Z GT, will also be appearing as well as the DOCOMO TEAM DANDELION RACING machine that won the 2012 Formula NIPPON team championship.

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  1. omg please tell me its first of april
    or this is come kind of a joke
    they cant release this bullshit

    maybe if they go back 300 years
    people would like these cars

  2. If they ever revive the model.. They can keep the same platform but upgrade it to meet modern standards of emissions, economy, safety and practicality.

  3. Honda keeps repeating itself that its going down & down year by year!!! 🙁

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