Rolls-Royce Ghost special edition named after Arab inventor Abbas Ibn Firnas

Rolls-Royce Ghost special edition named after Arab inventor Abbas Ibn Firnas

The Rolls-Royce dealer in Abu Dhabi has come up with yet another special-edition model, this time a Rolls-Royce Ghost “honouring legendary Arab inventor Abbas Ibn Firnas, who is most famous for being the first man in history to make scientific attempts at flying.”

The Rolls-Royce Ghost ‘Firnas Motif’ collection was conceptualised by Kadhim Al Helli, Rolls Royce Brand Manager at Abu Dhabi Motors before being hand-crafted by specialists at the Rolls-Royce factory in Goodwood, England. Naturally, these specific cars are available only at Abu Dhabi Motors.

Abbas Ibn Firnas was apparently a 9th century Arab inventor and poet in Cordoba during the Ummayad Dynasty, who made contributions to a host of different sciences including Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry. The story goes that he attempted a glider flight using man-made wings and feathers, and has a “legendary” status in the Middle East, where he has postage stamps, streets and even airports named after him.

The Bespoke “Rolls-Royce Ghost Firnas Motif” collection model features a hand-painted twin-coachline, finished with the Firnas Logo. The personalised flight emblem is featured throughout the vehicle’s design, on the wooden dash and in the embroidery on the front and rear headrests. The car also features personalised door-sills with the wings design with a message saying “Firnas motif – one of five”.

The Bespoke Programme is a service offered to Rolls-Royce clients whereby the client may specify features of the car, in order to create their own unique model. The cars are customised in England, and Abu Dhabi Motors leads the global sales in Bespoke vehicles for the past 3 years.

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  1. Hmm.. This I like the colour of it.

    I might but this RR. Who would miss 1 out of 5 right?

  2. If they are making 1 of 5 and customized so what the difference from it from the normal Ghost which is also comes from England customized

    • Author

      I was once told by someone at Abu Dhabi Motors that their typical customers don’t like to wait for a customised car to be built for them. So Abu Dhabi Motors just chooses specs themselves and brings them in, for customers to buy them up like Toyotas. If you want to wait, RR will create your own “special edition” too.

  3. Another RR Ghost exclusive to this region only is the ” One Thousand and One Nights Edition ” revealed by AGMC.

  4. Mr. Masfique Chowdhury

    He was Muslims Scientist more importantly than Arab scientist , though i am arab myself .

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