Video of the week: Two Jeep Wranglers merged into one

Video of the week: Two Jeep Wranglers merged into one

Ok, we have seen a lot of weird modifications done on cars. But this has to be right there on the deep end. What’s the mod? Two Jeep Wranglers merged into one!

Apparently the double Wrangler is driven by a Gulf diplomat in Morocco. It has got 6 wheels in total, 4 on the side and two in the middle. There is no information on the engine. Does make us wonder what’s under that super-wide hood.

What do you think?



  1. there is medicine available against severe myoceptor malfunctions!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Look at the front wheels, it seems it will break at the first turn by the weight of conjoined twins…..wait what I am thinking, I will also becoming like that gulf diplomat, picture gives headache, let me move to next article.

  3. I dint bother to look at it until i came across the video. Nice work, wondering how far will it go off road?

  4. Seriously make you wanna puke. Yuck!

  5. Again nothing interesting or useful. No purpose, no goal ,no creativity and not even an artistic aspect to building such a thing.

  6. only use – two extra persons can enjoy front row seats..

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