Lexus IS F-Sport 2014 revealed

Lexus IS F-Sport 2014 revealed

After soldiering on largely unchanged for the better part of a decade, the Lexus IS has finally being completely redesigned. And what a shocker it is from the conservative brand.

Revealed only in F-Sport guise so far, the 2014 Lexus IS is a complicated combination of curves and edges, set on a larger-than-before body. Notice the drooping tail-lamp corners. And see those headlights, with the projector beams and the LED strips? Those are actually completely separate pieces! This car is certainly going for the love-it-or-hate-it school of design, standing out in an environment where even cheap cars are starting to look upscale.

The 2014 Lexus IS is set to debut on January 15 in the United States, when full specs will be released. Expect it to hit UAE, Saudi and general GCC markets by the end of the year.

Keep track of local updates in the Lexus IS buyer guide.

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  1. i like this new IS specially the rear light are cool but i hope it wouldn’t be stupidly expensive like 200000dhs cause it wouldn’t be worth it

  2. love the interior. Rear is ok, profile is ok but the front is fugly!! I really hate the predator grille!

  3. I am not impressed by the front grill. It has spoiled the entire look of the Car.

    Rear is good, interiors are awesome. I always loved the Lexus IS Series but not to happy with this one.

  4. That car is absolutely butters. I understand that their cars are known to be soulless and bland,after all a few of them are just redone Toyotas hence I also understand the need for curves in a car but Lexus have totally botched this one. The interior is the only saving grace.

  5. I didnt like it at all, i hope it looks better in real.

  6. redefines ugliness

  7. just WOW !….An amazing brought by lexus after a while !

  8. All comments criticizing the car, and all of them are downvoted, so who likes it? let them comment so we know, by the way, i will join the others and say, that LED lights in the front makes the whole thing looks like Nike Shoes ….. good …. I got a new car friends … what are you driving now? I’m driving Nike …. that would be nice conversation

    • I’m one of them who down-voted a few opinion .. sorry folks 😉 .. I think the car would look Dynamic!! (even with the Nike-Just do it DRLs)

      And no, Im not a Toyota or Lexus Fan and I don’t own any of them.. 😀

  9. It will still sell cause people here love the is.

  10. Goes to show with the exception of ‘Ironman’ all the other downvoters are hiding behind their dislike buttons and have nothing to actually say 😛

  11. Guys relax.. wait till actual car comes on road.. prototypes always look over engineered and weird 🙂

  12. I love the design of this car. Inshallah my next car.

    • I would suggest you to Google FT 86 pictures vs GT 86. You would come to know what I mean :))

    • Adnan Khan, why you are insisting that this is prototype, this is the actual thing, if you want to see the prototype of this car, You go and Google Lexus LF-CC, and You will know what we mean, again and for the hundredth time, this is the production car

    • God darn it…. hope the final production car looks as good as this prototype

  13. OMG!! it looks hideous.

  14. back looks like lancer front nike shoes lol

  15. So were you in Tokyo too testing this?seems coming out soon..

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