We attend Nissan Xplore UAE 2013 world record

We attend Nissan Xplore UAE 2013 world record

Nissan Xplore 2013 in Dubai (9)
The fifth Xplore UAE, an annual off-road event organised by local Nissan dealer Arabian Automobiles in association with ENOC Lubricants, clinched the Guinness World Record title for the longest desert convoy of off-road vehicles. The March event, which attracted the largest number of participants in its history, also raised Dhs 50,000 for the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre.

Cars of all brands were allowed to take part. More than 600 off-road enthusiasts and newbies took to the sand for a drive along loosely-defined desert routes. In all, 153 4x4s took part in breaking the Guinness record at Xplore UAE, covering a distance of 30 kilometres.

Nissan Xplore 2013 in Dubai (6)

Starting from Qalaat Al Remaal on the Dubai-Al Ain Road, the tour set across an all-new route that included firm sandy trails as well as a soft-sand desert section with steep dunes. The fun-filled daylight journey culminated with the public launch of the new Nissan Pathfinder, followed by an evening get-together with dinner and live entertainment at the Al Sahra Desert Resort.

Nissan Xplore 2013 in Dubai (24)

Arabian Automobiles provided us with the 2013 Nissan Xterra OffRoad edition, which once again strengthened its credentials as one of the best off-roaders on offer in the market. The first half of the tour was an easy trail route, but after lunch, participants were given more freedom to tackle the dunes. We did get slightly lost on a couple of occasions but marshals were on hand most of the time to take us back on course. The second time we got lost, we somehow ended up in a convoy of SUVs driven by seasoned off-roaders. Keeping up with them was quite a task but the Xterra didn’t let us down once and we tailed those guys till the end, finishing the course much earlier than most of the other participants.

Read our previous road test of the Nissan Xterra OffRoad.

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  1. Why there is Toyotas there while its Nissan Explore UAE ?

    …I think for rescuing Nissan.

    • you didnt read the article, it is an open event for all brands, but it is organized by Nissan, you should have written ” Why I dont see many Prados while we got headache by people saying it is the best SUV in the market ” ….. simply because people consider them as “investment” not a car with its stupid over hyped resale value which is created by people themselves who go blindly and by them to the degree that it is no more logical to go and by a used one as it will cost you the same as the new one … personally i have no problem with toyota or its owners, just stay away from the left lane of highways for God sake

    • @samer Why is it a good investment? Because of its built up reputation on being extremely reliable. In all these years, the very first major problem that ever came to light were the models that came with KDSS suspension from the 2010 model onwards, awkwardly enough, AlFuttaim chose to discontinue selling these in the local market rather than finding a solution.

      Having off-roaded this family truck in several deserts, I can vouch for its off-roading capabilities.

      @wes HAAR HAAR.. but honestly Nissan Xterras are off-road capable enough to manage on its own and they really do a good job at it.

    • @Ironman…
      I didn’t say that toyotas are nor reliable but to think that there are no other capable cars made by other companies is a different thing, besides, it is not right to generalize any idea, my cousin for example drives a 2008 camry that has less than 100k on the odo, you wouldnt believ if I tell you that his AC got broken 5 times so far and je changed most of its parts without any reault, everytime I ask somebody why you are buying Toyota the answer comes ”it is reliable and I can find its parts in the grocery shop” so if this is the case, why is nobody able to fix camry AC system and it keeps breaking down? And again, investment guys… just make us a favour and move the 2 lanes to the left coz driving at 80km/h doesnt mean you take the second lamw from the left, people think only the first lwft lane is for speeding and all others are for driving in whatever speed you want, No No No, go to the fourth lane just next to trucks and drive at 80 as you like

    • I have Xterra for 2 years ,its good price deal , engine is great , it has problem with stability , the back is so early will be out of control , rear suspension is good for pickup , not a car on roads , the steering wheel have 4 rounds from end to end ,it means on performance driving you need to turn it very fast and fight with it . over all you cannot feel secure driving it , and the inside so bare . I sell it and looking for McPherson suspension at rear not Rack & Pinion.

  2. One more for Xterra. Simply the best.

  3. How did the crossovers like the Kia sportage in that pic perform ?

  4. the yellow cherokee in pic3 looks hot.

  5. i see some new pathfinders in the pics….r they good in dunes?

  6. Let me get right. Nissan organised this however they didnt throw in the new Pathfinder for the drive?
    This record breaking attempt would have been more apropiate for launching the new xterra or patrol imo.
    153 cars doesnt seem that much but nice initative nevertheless. I would have like to take part with my car but didnt know about it.

  7. @sameer

    seriously… saneer, Coz your cousin car got AC problems! you cant judge Toyota. may be its his own fault. it you leave the AC on while closing your engine, next time when you start your car there is a possibility of AC damage. it will strain your AC compressor.

    And my friend… speed kills… so calm down and cheer up… respect others on the road.

    • First, my cousin and I know this coz we drive cars and do care about them since we were 14 years only, second if you read my comment you should have known that what I was saying that Toyota has good reputation in reliability but that doesnt mean all their cars are faultless, and for the speeding thing, im not going over the speed limits but I always face mean and stupid drivers who I think suffer from inferiority complex who drive 80 to 100 on the left lane while the official speed limit is 120 or even 140 in some cases and refuse to give way, would you please explain that to me and give me an explanation except from the ones I mentioned above… and then we find them here complaing about tail gating… I swear to god if I have any big suv with front armor bar I would hit them from the back … the other day I was driving behind a car in a 120km road and he was driving like 90 on the left lane, I wanted to make an experiment, I drove behind him from Hessa road in new khail road to the business bay till we entered the airport tunnle without moving from the left lane, it was 11 pm and the road was empty would you please give your suggestions for the cause of that

  8. @samer

    “I swear to god if I have any big suv with front armor bar I would hit them from the back …”

    Speaks volumes about you!

  9. @samer

    you should have mentioned idiots who slow down to stare at ANYTHING on the side of road even if its just a cop issuing a fine but slow left hand drivers are a real menace

  10. surprised they brought the new pathy and didn’t let people have it to drive hmmm would be nice as they switched it tha cuv platform for 2013 so wanted to see its off road capability

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