Honda Civic 2013 now in UAE, Oman and GCC

Honda Civic 2013 now in UAE, Oman and GCC

2013 Honda Civic
The Honda Civic is back for 2013 with a facelift and several other upgrades, after an “emergency” refresh due to a lot of public criticism. It has just been launched in the UAE, Oman and other GCC countries.

Externally, there is a new front bumper, redone grille, different tail lamps and new wheels.

While the 139 hp 1.8-litre engine remains the same, mechanical changes include a reworked electronic power-steering setup, stiffer wheels, stiffer front springs and a thicker front stabiliser bar with new Teflon-lined mounting bushings, all for better handling. Honda claims that steps have been taken to reduce cabin noise as well.

Inside, the entire 2013 lineup gets new soft-touch materials on the instrument panel and upper front-door treatment. Subtle silver accents spruce up the cabin, along with door panel and seat fabric upgrades.

The 2013 Civic offers standard features such as keyless entry, power windows, cruise control, AUX jack, centre console with armrest and a digital “multiplex” meter. The EXI grade include additional features like 16-inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Audio, rearview camera, colour i-MID display, USB/iPod interface, steering wheel audio controls, outside temperature gauge and further options such as fog lights and sunroof. Available on Civic VTI are exclusive features like HID headlights, chrome door handles, 17-inch alloy wheels, auto a/c and leather upholstery.

Standard safety features for the 2013 Civic include front dual airbags, ABS with EBD, stability control and whiplash-protection front headrests. The Civic VTI grade gets additional side and curtain airbags.

Prices in the UAE are the same as the outgoing model, starting at Dhs 75,000.

For prices and specs, visit the Honda Civic buyer guide.

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  1. Ugly ……im wating for the C-RZ

  2. i still LOVE the old”er” ones.

  3. What no body wants to discuss this amazing car facelift …. 😉

  4. Will be hard competing with others at this kind of price!

  5. Definitely looks better inside-out…but the price is still sky-high!

  6. I can see on the roads that the Civic has lost some its popularity. I can only assume that people prefere to go towards sedans like mazda 6, Sonata, that are flose to the Civic price.

    • sonata is cheaper than civic. base model starts at 69k

    • Exactly. Let alone the top specs Hyundai Elantra that comes at around 70k dhs. No wonder ppl dont buy Civic in large numbers anymor. There are many other alternatives for same price or even cheaper.

    • Yes, the civic is even more expensive than “Japanese” competing cars like Corolla and new Sentra for example, not to mention the Korean cars, for God sake the 2nd option one (not full option) costs 88K, who is the stupid person who would buy it? i would rather take the camry or altima instead

  7. Love it! Better than the old shape.

  8. for all the above that say sonata or Kia or xyz except nissan and Toyota

    u will see these civics on road for next 20years I’d not I. dubai but certainly in other emirates these cars are built to last longer than any one wanting which then gives its the best bang for the buck in longer term

    we just see stickers now a days n run away but truth is good things in life (not copy cats) come at a price 🙂 e.g hyundai centennial vs ls 460

    u still see original 1991. gcc specs Lexus ls 400 on roads! why cuz they last that is 23 years my friends! and believe me those still out run most common cars on the road ! reason why Toyota honda and some what nissan rules the roads as our weather is one of the most demanding on planet due to excessive desert heat and stresses that cars go through at very hi OAT

    I have 2 nissans with me one is 2000 maxima other is 2012 maxima

    the 2000 has now certified 650000 km on the clock yes that is 650K

    same engine same transmission and it’s my daily ride !

    • Relax…. What is this rant all about??? People are just saying that it is simply overpriced.

    • My colleague’s cousin (a local), owns a 2002 model Hyundai Centennial, which has done close to 500,000 kms!…No breakdowns, no transmission issues, no nothing, still running smooth and great.

      Want more examples? Another colleague’s wife owns a 2005 Hyundai Tucson, it has a little over 410,000 kms on the clock – she is into sales and does long inter-emirates travel almost every day. No maintenance issues, they just do the oil and filter change from outside, and parts change when required. In comparison, my colleagues Corolla and his brother’s Civic, both have proved to be significantly more expensive to maintain even from outside, despite racking much lesser kms on the odometer – and after 4 years, both the Corolla and Civic engines have become noisier, and the tone has changed. Hyundai seems to be running as good as when it was new.

      Still not enough?? My uncle owns a 2007 Santa-Fe, and it runs smoother than and as quiet as any damn Lexus, and just like how it rolled out of showroom on day 1. The vehicle has done 220,000 kms, and still going smooth. I have been seeing this car since its day 1, and I still drive it sometimes.

      But yes, these cars have no popularity, but then, what can Hyundai or any other brand do about people’s mentality, besides offering good products? N Thats the explanation for the lesser numbers. Where you find 20 Lexus and 50 Toyotas, you will only find 1 Hyundai.

      And no, I’m not a Hyundai fanboy, n currently do not own one.

  9. Frankly cant add anything to what Vivek said, I believe that any new car no matter what is its brand, will run problems free at least for the first 60-100k depending on how you drive it, i dont know why people keep crying about reliability and cheap parts, if im buying a NEW car, i should not worry “that much” about reliability rather than “availability and low cost of parts” and korean cars do offer that, im not defending korean cars here but this is logic, people need to change their conceptions and mentality, why all of us changed our conceptions about Lexus when it was first launched? many people were saying “I wouldnt buy a rebadged toyota crown or cressida at double the price” but after few years everybody was praising Lexus, Koreans have been producing very nice cars for the last 5-8 years and we still hear people criticizing them and i believe that they do that just to justify themselves buying ugly toyotas

  10. Hyundai has definitely came a long way from those 80’s and 90’s when they used to make a car called pony. They are at the moment, where Japanese was, 15-20 years back. As with any machines, bottom line is if you maintain you car with regular services, there shouldn’t be any major issues, irrespective of that vehicle’s nationality.

    That being said, what stands out for Japanese is built quality (interior trims) and safety. Some of these Hyundai’s and Kia’s still comes with single airbags and metal as thin as your milk powder tins.

  11. I am a big fan of German cars. But I have been using a full option Hyundai Elantra for one year now. I must say this car is amazing. I had no problems with anything so far. What I am trying to say is, Korean makers have come up with Solid designs, amazing features, fluid driving pleasure and even enhanced safety features in recent years. You must as a consumer, admit the efforts put in by these guys (well to make money or not is their problem), rather than giving us the same old boring designs from fellow Japs and others since last so many years. Being innovative and making economic products is all in today’s market. Not taking the consumers for granted and offering the same old successful formulae like some movies..People get eventually bored of it.Toyotas, Hondas and others just lodge heavy price tags for mere base models for brands and durability. But as a consumer what if you get all for a cheaper price? well…except the brand and resale value as they say it…Its all till the perception changes. I believe 10 years from now, the korean makers will have a super good brand image and resale value. May be even earlier.

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