Dubai Police arrest carjacker after high-speed chase

Dubai Police arrest carjacker after high-speed chase

Dubai Police has apparently apprehended a carjacker after a long-winded car chase through Dubai’s highways, after the suspect stole, of all things, a Hyundai Accent.

According to Emirates 24/7 quoting Arabic newspapers, an “Asian” man was changing his tyre in the car park of Emirates Cooperative Society in Nahda on April 15 close to 10 pm. An “African” man came over to help, and after the tyre was changed, the thief drove off with the car when the owner was distracted. At this point, we assume the flat tyre was probably staged by the thief as well.

Soon after the Hyundai owner called the police, a patrol car spotted the car driving down Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, formerly known as Emirates Road. The patrol attempted to flag the suspected car down, but the Accent sped up and tried to escape, leading to a car chase.

He drove recklessly, eventually turning towards Al Rashidiya through Rabat Road, where several patrol cars cornered him, including what looks like unmarked police 4x4s, finally bringing the chase to an end.

He abandoned the car and attempted to make a run for it, getting as far as 700 metres before getting arrested, possibly in a fair amount of pain.

Photo via Emarat Al Youm.

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  1. couldn’t get far with 5 series & fortuners on his tail. waiting for the day when lambo & co decide to play chor police 😉

  2. So sad you need 5 series and 4×4’s to catch an Accent, lol long winded and high speed chase, imagine what would happen with cars above 1.4 litre. May be Fortuners would be struggling, the BMW would have cornered it and braked in front of him whilst others must have locked him from other sides. Finally even the man ran 700 meters, that’s quite a distance after all this drama.

    • jokes apart. I am really impressed the way how police here manages to track down the culprits same day most of the time. Way to go.

  3. They needed all those patrol cars to chase down n catch a Hyundai accent? Wow. Gimme a 10yr old mustang gt and I could have ended this chase in a couple of mins lool

    • Bro!! its not about the long chase or how long they took to stop him, police also have to consider safety of other road users as well as pedestrians along with not to damage the victims car. Ofcourse if it was a straight empty road race BMW 5 series just need a minute!!!

    • Nope try finding out the top speed/ hp of a 10 year old stock Mustang.

  4. hopefully they give this guy week-long pounding in prison, so that he isnt able to walk for a few months

  5. Well done dubai police keep it up

  6. +1 to police. what s most important is that the criminal is stopped eventually.

  7. Hmm. Is the criminal really depressed ?
    Why he steals a hyundia on top of that a 1.4 car ?
    So shame

  8. out of all the cars he chose hyundai accent hahaha

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