Novitec ups Lamborghini Aventador's game with the Torado

Novitec ups Lamborghini Aventador’s game with the Torado

2014 Novitec Torado
Novitec has finished its tuning program for the already crazy Lamborghini Aventador. The result? The Torado. For what we can say, it looks like it wants to take the pedestrian sinisterness of the Aventador into an otherworldly rage, with those carbon-fibre vents, spoilers and protrusions lining the body from front to back.

Novitec says it’s still good for daily use, even with four different stages of power tuning and a fifth out-of-the-ballpark injection called the “Bi-Kompressor.” The power bumps start at 722 hp and 703 Nm and goes up to a demonic 969 hp and 911 Nm, thanks to the same. The exhaust systems included in the packages are also good for shaving around 20 kgs from the Italian supercar’s original weight. A perfect example of “when too much is not enough.”

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