2013 Range Rover loses top thanks to Newport Convertible Engineering

2013 Range Rover loses top thanks to Newport Convertible Engineering

2013 Range Rover Convertible
Much to the love of safari lovers, the new Range Rover has gone topless. And much of the credit goes to the engineers of the car, Newport Convertible Engineering or simply the NCE.

Luckily, this comes at a time that the idea of a convertible SUV sounds attractive enough that manufacturers are still trying to figure out how to make it work. Proof? The Evoque convertible.

Anyways, the folks at Newport Convertible Engineering are famous for their works including that of the Acura TL convertible fame and the Subaru STI convertible.

And here, unlike the Evoque convertible concept though, there’s quite a bit of structure left above the shoulder line. And, it still looks like one of the nicest ways to see lions, tigers and bears from a safe distance or even go for a neat sightseeing trip.

However, the only issue with every topless SUV that isn’t shaped like a box is what they look like with the top up, and the convertible Range Rover doesn’t escape the crisis unscathed.

Anyways, the Limited Edition convertible Range Rover Autobiography is expected to hit select markets across the globe after it starts production this August. Expect to see a few of these make it to the GCC markets including that of UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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  1. For a reason, despite being luxurious, high performance, advanced tech, expensive etc…
    Looks like a cheap VW Beetle convertible.

  2. Chief Engineer of Newport Convertible, graduated from USC school of Engineering.
    When it comes to convertible designs,
    Safety is our number one priority! And nothing is compromised to achieve our goal.
    Our chief Engineer has over 30 years of experience designing all types of convertible vehicles that makes him foremost expert in the field.
    Before cutting a roof on any vehicle, first we will design a structural body, that will insure to keep the integrity and rigidity of the car intact as a convertible vehicle.
    All original safety features of automobiles stay intact as it was originally.
    Engineering a coupe, sedan, SUV, Limo, or any vehicle to convertible is highly technical, complicated, and very challenging.
    All our convertible designs and engineering are done by our chief engineer.

  3. the guy who own this guy is doing this for a good reason his wanna have a lexurous SUV + use it for a hunting trip or go to the desert people as usuall like to do the talk first throwing some words without any conclussions everything is there for a reason remember that folks

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