Infiniti G37 to hang around in the market alongside Q50

Infiniti G37 to hang around in the market alongside Q50

2014 Infiniti G37
It’s got a thorough replacement in the form of the Q50 sedan, but Infiniti is banking on the G37 and has announced that it will continue in some markets, even as the former is due to go on sale soon.

However, in order for the G37 and Q50 to not exchange in-house rivalry, Infiniti is rolling out an amended G lineup, complete with lowered pricing in the United States. It will still be powered by the same 3.7-litre VQ-Series V6 engine and will have more features as standard.

It is odd that the G37 will keep its name after Infiniti’s new Q-based model naming structure, a system that has already changed the G37 Coupe and Convertible models to the name Q60.

Expect a significant drop in prices of the Infiniti G37 as we await the unveiling of the new Q50 here in the UAE by winter, but remains to be seen if the G37 continues in GCC countries as well.

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  1. It’s all about price points….what we will see now is the G37 price lowered and the new Q50 at a higher slightly price than that of G37….they got two price points for customers to choose from as well as match their budgets!!!

  2. one very rear-happy car i might say. Drove it a couple of years back and i learned to love it. It is not an IS 300 on so many other levels, but it’s sooo much fun and cool. Too bad on this market whatever passes 2L is sending you to the poor house in a snap and not only because of the high taxes based on the CC, but petrol prices here are at highest in europe.

  3. Q50 pricing starts around 37000$ in USA, so i’d expect it to start off at around Aed150k here in dubai considering all cars are expensive here than in the USA and taking it all the way up to Aed230k+…but knowing the GCC market, i dont think they would have many variations of the Q50 here as they would have in other markets. It will be interesting to see what they do to the G as it has been the same model since its launch in 2007.

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