2014 Nissan Tiida officially launched in UAE & GCC

2014 Nissan Tiida officially launched in UAE & GCC

2014 Nissan Tiida
The all-new 2014 Nissan Tiida was officially launched today in the GCC at an event in Dubai. We hear the car has already been on sale for at least the past week in the UAE.

The Tiida shares its mechanical bits with the Nissan Sentra, including 1.6-litre and 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engines which are mated to a CVT automatic. The brakes are front discs with rear drums. The suspension is independent up front, with a torsion-beam rear.

The basic 1.6-litre Tiida S features power steering, power windows, central door locking, keyless entry, AM/FM radio with CD player and 2 speakers and 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps.

For the 1.6-litre Tiida SV, there’s audio controls on the steering wheel, 4 speakers and 16-inch alloy wheels.

The 1.8-litre Tiida SV gets additional smoked halogen lamps, smoked-chrome front grille and 17-inch alloy wheels.

The 1.8-litre Tiida SL also gets power folding mirrors with integrated side lamp, cruise control, push engine start, steering wheel-mounted bluetooth buttons, rear armrest, leather shift knob, intelligent key, 6 speakers and automatic A/C. The Tiida SL Plus optionally adds leather seats and sunroof, although these are standard on the SL in some markets such as the UAE.

For the UAE market specifically, the SV and SL models get a 5.8-inch display screen with Bluetooth, CD player, MP3, AUX, USB, Ipod connectivity, navigation and rear-view camera as standard, although these may be optional in other GCC markets.

Standard safety features for the Nissan Tiida include dual front airbags, ABS, electronic brake distribution (EBD) and brake assist (BA). The 1.8-litre models also get stability control, and only the top 1.8 SL Plus gets side and curtain airbags.

Prices start at around Dhs 57,000 in the UAE, topping out at Dhs 80,000. Optional accessories such as a full body kit are available in some GCC markets.

For more prices and specs, visit the Nissan Tiida buyer guide.

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  1. saw 1 on road. seems decent enough. looks like a bigger car now.

  2. The interior is impressive. But the exterior is really boring. Nissan should have made a revolution like Hyundai Veloster for this price.

  3. The torsion-beam and the drums in the rear kills the SL verion, which is otherwise a good potential mechanical-competitor to the civic.On the otherhand, the interior can still use major improvements.
    Come on Nissan, you are charging 80K for a Tiida; chuck in some more stuff or atleast improve the – still dreary interior. or give it some sport options for the youth segmant. As for now, its still a sunny – which one only buys if they cannot afford a Proper Car. I mean honestly, why buy a Nissan Sunny? Have you ever seen people get excited over it(escept nerdy teenagers who think its cool as it is a license to their freedom)? Has anyone ever in the history of mankind come up to you and said, “Check it out, here is my awesome sunny”?
    It can literally be voted off as the most ignored car in history.
    PS: I realize that I have gone off-topic, but it is worth mentioning that 80% of the time when you have a glance at the new Tiida, you will immediately think “Sunny” and then just ignore it.

    • Get real. They might charge 80k dhs, which is a lot indeed, but it comes with features which put Civic to shame: navigation, six airbags, rear camera, leather……In fact, it puts all the competition to shame. No one this much in the segment.

    • Dear so called Mr. MITCH,

      As much as I hate getting into a blog arguement, there are some things I want you to get right.
      First of all, I said mechanical-competitor. Second, I dont really know which rock you live under but have you ever heard of a car by the name of ELANTRA or i40 or CERATO. Koreans are whom you need to visit if you want options in your car.NO Offence

    • Hahaha. This is debating not argueing. You got it right my friend. You visit the koreans if you want options in your car and you drive praying no one crashes into you, because all those nice options won’t help you much. Kia/Hyundai still sell cars with no abs and one airbag.
      This Tiida comes with ABS, EBD and break assist. That is fantastic, but you prabably like the big sunroof of the elantra better than decent breaks and the safety of the Tiida. So who lives under a rock? No offence.

    • First this Tiida, looks good and will sell in hordes. They are selling from 57 till 80, so the more you pay , the more you get. So all though you can talk as much, Tiida will sell well, and sunny will sell left and right. Second, only the single airbag part is true about Hyundai/Kia and that for some models, others above the base price have two airbags or more. ABS and EBD is available in all models above the starting prices means one level above from lowest model, you need to check the car first before speaking. All the above mentioned car have six airbags, better transmissions and engine. Dealer brings you crap models, because people buy crap, a US based mid option Accent / Rio has six airbags, higher models even go to the level of knee airbags, even the tiny cars have reverse parking cameras. Sad, there are people who actually buy cars and others who just read few reviews and comment based on assumptions. We buy cars as means of transport, not to show off look what i got, still if you ask a common man, he will proudly say he owned a sunny , corolla, camry, accord, civic for 10 years and still they work properly. Of course there will be idiots who will crap a brand new car and break it down in two years, because he does service at petrol pumps or no service at all and they will lament on the quality of modern cars.

    • Just to add on airbags issue. since 1998, US govt require new cars to have at least 2 airbags (in front). Now i think the requirement of new cars in US is to have at least 6 airbags (some would even boast 10 airbags) and ABS. US govt is regulating this. Hope UAE gov’t(where im from) will regulate this as well. Last time i check, even highest spec elantra only have 2 airbags (im not 100% sure though). Nonetheless, as long as this is not regulated, suppliers will still stock their showrooms with cars that has almost no safety features and majority of the buyers will still go for cheaper cars.

  4. Get your research down

  5. The car is ruined with “CVT” stuff.. I’m not at all fan of this crappy “elastic” transmission.

    • its funny, a while back some1 was telling me while getting excited that his car has CVT trans.. and the other day a sales guy telling me that the car has CVT as if it turns the car awesome and fast.

      Anyhow I don’t have issues with it.. it serves the purpose and knows its target customers. As most people would care about is higher fuel efficiency.

    • Race a cvt beside a conventional automatic trans.. Cvt wins by a mile. Yes it feels crappy but google it and find out why it is designed as such.

  6. In my opinion it looks quite nice. Lets wait n watch how well it sells!! 🙂

  7. thai made?

    smelly interior…

    seriously I would just wait for the new Mazda 3 to arrive.

  8. Still made in Mexico ??

  9. First of all this car looks decent enough to attract any person who is looking for an economical car. As far as I am concerned this car looks much better than Toyota Yaris. No matter whatever crap the review says Tiida and Yaris will sell in heaps.

  10. This car certainly looks better than the current gen Tiida & the interiors esp. the dashboard are definitely better than before.
    In the Hot & Humid conditions here, two factors play a major role in the purchase of a Car i.e. Air Condition performance & Reliability & the Nissan Tiida is in that esteemed brigade.
    One of the easier cars to live with.

  11. The prices for 2014 Tiida has definitely gone up. Was looking to replace my ST220 with small a hatch/sedan. AED 57000/= for 1.6 basic is way too much, 2014 Lanncer Fortis for AED 54000/= is way better deal. To name a few advantages of Mitsubishi over Nissan, Fortis has got a 1.8 liter engine vs Tiida’s 1.6 and Fortis has got rear discs vs Tiida’s drums. Tiida is a Thai export where as Fortis is made in Taiwan. My money is on Fortis.

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