Mercedes-Benz ML63 and GL63 AMG get 700 hp Brabus treatement

Mercedes-Benz ML63 and GL63 AMG get 700 hp Brabus treatement

Mercedes-Benz ML63 Brabus B63S-700 Widestar
Do you feel the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG and GL63 AMG 500-plus horsepowers is not good enough? Brabus has the answer to that. Set to debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show is the Brabus B63S-700 Widestar.

What the Brabus package does is replace the turbochargers and intake and exhaust system, to get 700 hp and 960 Nm of torque from the the standard 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 that’s already there. Alongside that they’ve had to remap the ECU and electronically limit the torque to prevent the drivetrain from undertaking excess stress.

The top speeds of these mean machines are rated at a mind-boggling 300 kph, to save the tires (obviously!). But what struck us the most has to be the 0-100 kph time, which is 4.4 seconds for the ML63 and 4.6 for the bigger GL.

Brabus has upgraded the exhaust system which gets a so called “Coming Home” note and a sporty exhaust note. They also fiddle with the suspension, and there’s a body kit which makes the ML63 6 cm wider and the GL63 8 cm wider. Both the SUV’s will ride on 23-inch forged alloys.

We’re expecting to see more on this, after its official debut at Frankfurt next month. It’s entry into the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC is expected soon.

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