Ford Mustang 2015 rendering based on spy shots

Ford Mustang 2015 rendering based on spy shots

2015 Ford Mustang
The all-new 2015 Ford Mustang is, according to rumours, going to be revealed by the end of this year. It has been caught on camera numerous times under heavy camouflage, but certain details are becoming apparent. Someone took those details and guesstimated how the car will look, and it should be pretty close to this.

Rendered by a certain chazcron on the Mustang6G forums, the sixth-generation Mustang will surly have a familiar front-end and possibly a similar rear too, although the proportions seem very off in these pictures, with an overly-low roofline and overly-large wheels.

2015 Ford Mustang

The next-generation 2015 Mustang is expected to feature four-wheel-independent suspension and handling to take on any sports car, while retaining V6 and V8 engine choices at launch.

Expect the 2015 Ford Mustang to reach Saudi and UAE shores as late as summer 2015, given how all their new models seem to have a delayed launch in the GCC, possibly due to high demand in the States.

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  1. Please Please don’t ruin the tough look… The new looks are more like sweet than tough.. I am a big fan of mustang and a bit disappointed with the new looks.

    • Its just a rendering John, rest assured, when the real thing comes, there will be plenty of muscles on the god damn thing to make your pants drop to the floor 😉

  2. the next gen mustang will be offered by three engine choices a 2.0 turbocharged 4 cylinder , 3.7 v6 and the awesome 5.0 v8. however since the chassis is changed they wouldn’t be able to fit the 5.8L sc for the gt500 and so far there are no official world that what the next engine will be. the next gen mustang that will come out for sale late 2014 is going to be lighter and faster with a little bit of more hp.

  3. awwwww…….. babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    dude its mustang
    where is the real muscle?? may be only inside the hood 🙁

  4. “Expect the 2015 Ford Mustang to reach Saudi and UAE shores as late as summer 2015”

    Did you mean Summer 2014? Seeing as the 2014 models were released in August this year.

  5. 4 cylinder turbocharged on that mustang is totally wrong and it won’t be a muscle car.

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