Toyota Corolla 2014 debuts at Dubai Motor Show

Toyota Corolla 2014 debuts at Dubai Motor Show

2014 Toyota Corolla 2.0
The 2014 Toyota Corolla debuted at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show. But before you run down to the showroom in excitement, know that the car isn’t slated to hit the roads yet.

As such, we have no information on specs, other than it will have 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre engine options, both mated to 4-speed automatics. If you remember, we had already predicted that the European version of the Corolla will debut here, rather than the American one. The GCC-spec version comes from Taiwan, and from what we saw, the new model benefits from a longer wheelbase and a fairly spacious interior with just enough soft-touch surfaces to keep it respectable.

The Corolla was the only fresh model at the Toyota stand, alongside a Toyota FT-86 concept that has already been confirmed as not going into production, while a selection of Prius and Camry hybrids, kitted Fortuner and FJ Cruiser models, and the mildly-facelifted Prado were all displayed aside from the usual model range.

Photos by Faisal Khatib.

Keep track of future updates and prices in the Toyota buyer guide.

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  1. 2.0L?…. u mean the 1.8L

  2. Taiwan = Made in China for a Japanese car and those prices over here? :(!!!

  3. Is it just me or does the front facia look too big?

  4. 4 speed auto still -___-

  5. For god sake when they are going to change this stupid transmission??!!!! ah I know, NEVER coz customers know nothing whatsoever and will keep buying them blindly without even having the wits to compare it to any other car

    • True said samer..ppl really don’t know about technical specs they just look gear stick is there more than enough. Most of ppl don’t know what 4 speed and 6 spped stand for.

  6. hmmmmm. 4 speed with 2.0 engine. that’s hurting

  7. why are they not bring the turkish built with Euro spec one?.

  8. Has toyota lost their mind by continuing with an ancient 4 speed auto?? Corolla is sold cuz of fuel economy so why on earth wouldn’t they add another gear or two? Absurd.

  9. In Egypt the turkish model is coming with 6 speed cvt gear and the top specs. 1.6 comes with fabric with leather seats,dual auto ac & display with rear camera
    the 2014 model is aviliable their in Egypt since last August, I tried the car & the interior was great like the quality of honda civic
    At least we should have the same here
    By the way this model will be aviliable in al futtaim showrooms on almost 5/12/2013 the top specs. 1.6 will cost about AED 68,000 thousands

    • Hi there, im going to buy top spec of corolla 2014 (1.6L) and I’ve been waiting for it since 2 month … R u telling that the top spec 1.6 will be released in UAE till 5/12/2013 ? Will be able to ride the American one in UAE or not ? ~tnQ previously

    • Dear saeid, their are some updates that the car will be available on 28/11 after only 12 days from today. the american model is not available here in uae. and also the bad news that the car spec. are not like Egypt the high spec. one , specs here will be downgraded too much
      it will be available in two models
      1.6L with outdated 4 A/T gearbox with prices as below:
      AED 59500, 63500 & 68500
      the other model will be 2.0L also mated to 4 A/T gearbox starting from AED 66900

  10. Sentra is still bar non the better choice but due to corolla name and inherent trouble free op it will out sell sentra in no time! Civic is gr8 but cramped inside! Else civic is my op 1st cabin material then sentra and last is corolla

  11. If 1.6 model is AED 68k then how much is 2.0? 75k? The pricing makes no sense, one can get a basic Altima for 75k.

  12. Do any one know how much will the 2.0 carolla 2014. I heard that it is already on sale in KSA.

  13. I planning to buy 2014 corolla 2ltr
    . I know 2l will cost 73900aed.. is it worth of buying 4 speed auto or should I go other brand.. pls let me know your suggestions..

  14. what a car awesome specs go for it dont wast your time cant get better then this wola

  15. The car is very nice I want it, and I want to know the prize of it thank you.

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