2015 Ford Edge previewed as concept at L.A. Auto Show

2015 Ford Edge previewed as concept at L.A. Auto Show

Ford Edge Concept
The Ford Edge neatly fits in between the Explorer and the Escape in the GCC market. And the edgy styling helped it become one of Ford’s best-sellers here. Ford is previewing the new Edge at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. The catch? It’s still in its “concept” phase.

The new design is certainly striking, even with the clichéd narrow headlights and the uniquely large three-bar grille. But the fresh tail-lights are a welcome addition and somehow seem more appealing than the rump on the ongoing version. Still, there’s no way you can mistake this for any other Ford.

The interior is fairly premium, with leather inserts on the dashboard and black Nubuck wraps on the upper instrument panel, center console and inner door elements. Furthermore, Ford incorporates a 10-inch touch screen with MyFord Touch system.

The Ford Edge also gains the reputation for Fully Assisted Parking aid system which is a prototype technology that allegedly lets customers park their vehicles automatically, even with remote control. The concept is supposed to build on Ford’s current Active Park Assist feature.

In any case, there aren’t much details on the engine, except that it will be an Ecoboost with start-stop technology and a new feature called Active Grille Shutters. The shutters automatically open and close to maintain ideal engine operating temperature and hence maximize aerodynamic efficiency.

We have no idea on when the Ford Edge will lose its concept tag. It’s only a matter of time before the vehicle makes its showroom debut, which doesn’t seem that far as the “concept” Edge looks pretty much production-ready already. We estimate a mid-2015 debut for UAE, Saudi Arabia and other local markets.

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  1. That definitely looks like a Hyundai Santa fe…about 90%

  2. Looks nice but could have been less Ford EcoSport-ish! :-\

  3. Is it just me or does this look like the Santa Fe.

  4. to me, the rear looks very much like the newly launched range rover sport!

  5. Doesn’t that look a little too small? I also wonder if the new one would hold onto that brilliant price tag the current generation one has or will it go upmarket like the Explorer.

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