Lamborghini Veneno Roadster shown on Italian warship in Abu Dhabi

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster shown on Italian warship in Abu Dhabi

Lamborghini Veneno in Abu Dhabi 4
Lamborghini has unveiled the Veneno Roadster, a multi-million-Euro-worth limited-edition model, in a grand ceremony held on the upper-deck of an Italian Naval ship, docked at the Mina Port in Abu Dhabi.

The Veneno Roadster comes in a permanent all-wheel-drive configuration, and is propelled by a massive 6.5-litre V12 engine, the same motor which powers its Veneno Coupe and Aventador brethren, cranking out 750 hp, and mated to a seven-speed single-clutch ISR gearbox with five drive modes. Capable of doing the 0-100 kph dash in just under 3 seconds, it can hit a maximum speed of 355 kph.

This Lambo Roadster is indeed a one-off car, not only in terms of sporting a whopping price-tag, but also for the fact that it has no roof at all, aided only by a rollover bar. Carbon-fibre has been extensively used in the construction of the car, right from the framework, to the interior and exterior parts, aiding in excellent power-to-weight ratio. Two large openings on the sides of the car, ventilate the engine bay, and directs airflow to the rear wing, which is adjustable for optimum downforce. Safety features include the usual array of airbags, ceramic disc brakes, and electronic stability control.

There will be only 9 examples of the Veneno Roadster built, each priced at an equivalent of Dhs 16.4 million. Word is that four of them are already destined for the UAE alone.

Event photos by Vivek “Veneno” Menon and Rahul Jones.

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  1. These are the coolest photos ever shot in the universe.

  2. The car is beautiful

    But why 16.4 mill should be 100 mill or 300 bill

    what a mess ppl buy and then die!!!!

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