Video of the week: All you need to know about crash testing

Video of the week: All you need to know about crash testing

Crash Test- Dodge Dart
We’ve all seen it. It’s a dummy sitting in a car with slow-motion cameras mounted around it, hurtling towards a barrier at a respectable speed. That’s crash-testing in a nutshell. However, it turns out it is not just that when it comes to protecting your lives by rating car safety.

There are countless measurements to be taken, modified fluids replace traditional fluids, numerous computers are added and of course, the dummy is set in place. But, to see what exactly happens, you should watch this video released by U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as part of the ‘Inside IIHS’ series, to get a gist of what goes on.

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  1. Can someone please watch the video and summarize it in a comment for me? thank you 🙂

  2. the funny fact is that all these official crash tests are done in speed of 40 miles which is 64 km cause with the current technology that is the maximum speed that cars can protect u over 64km is R.I.P and it is official u can search it so dont tell me i had an accident with 120 and nothing happened cause even in this speed in the moment of crash u take break and the speed go’s under 70.

    • RT, well said. To say ‘nothing happened’ after an accident at 120km/hr, one has to be very very lucky to be alive. I have heard tire bursts at such speeds and people came out alive, but head on collision is altogether different story, probably ‘the end’.

  3. Also if it is a head-on collision, even at (both cars travelling) 60km/hr, the impact will be equal to a crash at 120km/hr. No wonder lots of families are opting for the very large SUVs in the UAE 🙂

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