So we got a 2014 Ford Ecosport

So we got a 2014 Ford Ecosport

2014 Ford Ecosport
There were quite a few mini-4x4s around before the Renault Duster popped up in our market and actually proved that these things can sell with the right kind of marketing. Ford is hoping to replicate the Duster’s success with the Ecosport, their very own little SUV.

2014 Ford Ecosport 4

The Ecosport boasts an aggressive front-end, although my wife seems to think it looks like a mouse.

2014 Ford Ecosport 3

Women are likely a target market, but it suits men just fine as well. That exposed spare wheel could be seen as an attempt at toughening it up.

2014 Ford Ecosport 5

The interior is thoroughly modern, unlike the one in the aforementioned Duster, and packs in a fair bit of kit in this top-end version.

2014 Ford Ecosport 6

The boot has more upright space than horizontal area, although folding down the seats helps.


The tailgate handle disguised as a tail lamp is a particularly interesting trick.

2014 Ford Ecosport 2

The Ecosport is not going to win any awards from us, but it offers up a better proposition in some aspects than its rivals. More in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. Hi Mash,

    Any thoughts on the prices?

    and do you have any news on the new Qashqai, I think it might be the next big thing in Crossover SUV,What do you think?

  2. Though that this is a pitiful SUV in all aspects I dont know why I really did like that tailgate trick thing 😀

  3. wow, this is indeed pitiful..

    you hardly find small SUVs that looks that ugly and mismatched:

    1. look at the tiny tires compared to the rest of the car, looks aweful

    2. what is the deal with this aweful rearmounted 5th wheel?? wanna be LC in clown’s costume?!

    thanks for the review mash

    • Author

      Full review coming soon. I actually liked it more after pushing it harder today morning.

    • @marc,
      Ecosport is surely small but not pitiful unless one wakes up daily to see RR parked in his/her garage. And you can always upsize tires. P.S. I neither own an Ecosport nor am a salesman.

  4. i dont drive an RR either, but still think there are various other better choices in that same class out there.

    to me, that thing looks indeed pitiful

    • It’s not about driving RRs this is the result of South American new entrants to the middle class thinking a jacked up fiesta is upper class. It’s more in between a VW cross fox and a Renault duster. I think it will attract the exact right kind of customer. It will sell ultimately, I’d the price is right…

    • saw this thing now a few time on the roads. and it is indeed even more pitiful than i thought..

      that rear-mounted spare wheel is hilarious!

  5. something tells me this will be an epic fail.. think Daihtsitu Terios

  6. It looks fun, however I wish it has a little more power and a proper transfer case with low range. BTW please dont forget to try it off road, not on big dunes but at least on soft sand. Thanks

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