Nissan Sport Sedan Concept previews 2015 Maxima

Nissan Sport Sedan Concept previews 2015 Maxima

2015 Nissan Maxima Sport Sedan Concept 2
This here is the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept. Unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, what it’s really showcasing is the future design direction of the next-generation Nissan Maxima.

While this concept is too far out there to comment on, the production version should share several design cues with this orange car, as well as its 300 hp 3.5-litre V6 motor, mated to a CVT automatic and front-wheel-drive. It remains to be seen how “sporty” they can make a setup like that, but apparently the current model is a sales success in markets such as America, so they’re not playing around with the existing formula other than styling.

Expect the production version to debut sometime in 2015.

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  1. For god’s sake drop the cvt.

    • Ugh thank you! For a car with this much power a six or seven speed automatic would be phenomenal. The CVT isn’t meant for power like this. Driving the current Maxima in Manual mode vs CVT mode is like night and day

  2. Looks good on concept, but when they mass produce it, i’m 100% sure it become ugly just like previous nissans…

  3. really hope they dont use those CVT and screw this car too like every other nissan cars nowadays…..i remember the popularity of the maxima till the current shape came out…ever since they put those CVT in a sport sedan like maxima it lose its charisma…


    • If you DONT the MONEY but u STILL WANT a rear wheel drive sports sedan with normal shifter….hmmm….i think you answered this yourself…!! lol

      BTW Mazda 6 is pretty decent!

  5. If people can force dealer into selling cars with single air bags, drums brakes, manual windows, abs so that they can get a car below 50K, it means they are only worried about driver safety and they want to move from place a to b, so the number of people who really love cars for character or rear will drive fun is reducing day by day, obviously manufactures think about profit and give up, so died the maxima, thats why today base model fully ripped of Dusters, Yarises, Accents, Rio’s and Sunny’s, decade old Lancer or outdated Galant (2010) models in showroom sell like hot cakes, basically people are ready to buy anything below 50K. Others leftover will buy car for fun or interest. So CVT’s are here to stay and slowly eat up all cars, like it or not.

    • Well said V6turbo. A lot of drivers only care about whether there is “resale value” and whether the driver’s seat has enough headroom for them to wobble their heads as they cruise down at 90 kph on the 2nd left lane. Everything else is a “luxury”.

    • mohmad you are right when people will understand the speed limits and dont make traffic jam because of there low speed on hight way

    • cmon guys more than 80% world population in average income earners & as the price for oil is rising cvt is the best solution, and there are many other brands who do not use cvt we always have options so stop blaming manufactures and use other brands and for ppl who wants to buy a rear wheel and no cvt sports sedan i guess lumina S n SS is good option

  6. the old maxima was rear wheel, when are we going to get back the rear wheel with proper gears , not CVT, those who want to move from point A to B plzzz buy sunny /yaris / lancer etc….. they are indeed luxury , u can hv with sunroof, cruise…

  7. As far as I remember all generation of gcc maximas were front wheel drive cars & NOT rear wheel drive cars. My dad had one in 1990s; I remember that he had complained about excess wear of front wheel tires at that time. So Mash was there really a rear wheel drive maxima before??

    • Maxima had a bad reputation at that time in the UAE as it was probably the fastest front wheel sedan around which led to plenty of accidents on the highways. Torque steer was high as well.
      There were strong rumors that this led to Maximas not being imported from ~2003 to 2009

    • Author

      Actually, they kept selling the old pre-2002 Maxima all the way till 2009 in some GCC countries. Just like how the X-Trail refuses to die here.

  8. Been driving maximas since 18 now 32. Only cars i owned are following.. 91 maxima , 93 maxima, 97 maxima, 2000 maxima, 2012 maxima.

    Here are my input (do take it with grain of salt)

    Most of you here are too young for this car to be your gens drool over ride. Maxima peaked in its popularity with the 5th and 5.5Gen, those were true poor mans sporty car. Maximas were alaways an enhtusiest favs due to availibity of after market products. The current maxima is by far the most powerful and easy to live with car. Now i have a 1 yr old boy and at 130K AED this was the most comfortable sporty well handling car on the market. I shopped extensively between this and charger, except in size Maxima out smarted charger 3-1 (still soft spot for the charger)

    for a lot of people here who complain about CVT have never driven one. Its the best of both worlds, when i am alone and want to have some spirited stints, just switch it to DS mode and row my own gears, and when i want buttery smooth flow of power D is fine. This is a rocket ship on hway to pass slow moving traffic as there is literary no lag in downshift of wait and never i had in 2 years to 2nd guess my over take even at 140+ 😉

    CVT took me 3-4 months to get used to but its absolute wonder! to drive

    • Hi
      My name is Adarsh I am planing to buy a new maxima . But too much confusion around the corners regarding cvt , maintenance cost realibility and resale value.what is your opinion is this car is a wise choice

  9. @ Moaz…,

    Yes Moaz… I agree… I tested your car and it really is one piece of machine .. the CVT did took some getting used to… but I think that the mid torque that the CVT can get while overtaking is far more than a normal auto tranny….!!

  10. I just never understand why the maxima don’t come with option of all wheel drive. The price is up there so why not.

  11. when is the 2015 model expected to hit uae showrooms ? Is it worth to buy the 2014 model now or wait for the 2015 model ?

  12. i will wait now for the 2015 model it be april 2015 it be here so one full year..and if u can you wait but…plenty of nice options..check chevy imapala ford taurus dodge charger… all in 110-140K category…

  13. واقعا عالیه عشق منه کو پولش

  14. Really confusing I have been comparing prices of 2014 maximas at different car lots and I really want a new version 2015 but car salesman really pushing for me to buy now..Curious to know if any one know if the 2015 model coming this year or next year.Salesmen not interested in commission off 2015.

  15. Hi,I got the 2014 maxima sport pack.
    Its an amazing car Cvt is not at all n issue when I want to have fun I put it in DS mode and drive
    so cvt is not at all an issue. Handling is the one of the best features. its powerful , good looking and sporty what else do u want.

  16. Did Nissan COPY the door handle concept from Tesla?

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