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Lincoln Navigator 2015 facelift revealed

Lincoln Navigator 2015 facelift revealed

2015 Lincoln Navigator
The aging Lincoln Navigator, long forgotten ever since the last refresh in 2007, is back with another facelift for 2015 that gives it the most conservative interpretation of the brand’s new corporate grille.

Obvious external changes are limited to the entire front clip, a completely new rear-end look, and new wheels. The interior has also been upgraded with new designs, materials, colours and touch-controlled tech. A redone adaptive suspension system is also available.

In a surprise move, they’ve let go of the old 5.4-litre V8 in favour of a 3.5-litre “EcoBoost” turbo V6 mated to a 6-speed automatic, although it actually is a better motor, now making 370 hp and 582 Nm of torque, compared to the V8’s measly 300 horses. It will be a hard sell to potential customers of full-size luxury-badged SUVs though, who are used to boasting about their V8 motors.

Available in rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive form, with a choice of regular and extended-wheelbase body styles, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator is probably a holdover for a few years until an all-new model based on the aluminium-heavy 2015 Ford F-150 comes about.

Expect the new model to land in our region by early 2015.

Keep track of UAE, KSA and other GCC-specific updates in the Lincoln buyer guide.

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  1. Wow I am in a complete state of shock… Poorly, unproportioned design. Feel bad for the Nav’s legacy.

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      The proportions are still the same actually. Just a facelift 🙂

      You might be referring to that longer black model.

  2. Caddy’s is far far better from this and, the engine choices are stupid in Ford and Lincoln

  3. So can we expect a facelift for the Ford Expedition as well at around the same time?

    • @Aman yes, but a bit later maybe. I think that it was a stupid step for Ford to show the Navigator before the Expedition because it sells in Large numbers in this region. A person drives on a highway and finds 11 Expeditions driving. There are spyshots on google. Just search “2015 Ford Expedition”.

  4. with many better appointed and reasonably priced products available in the market who the hell cares about this grandpa …rip !

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