7th DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

7th DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

DriveArabia Meet 7 6
What started off as a last-minute call to a few of our fans to hang with us while we took photos of an Audi A5 Sportback ended up turning into a mini-meet of sorts last Saturday, as several of our regulars from previous meets showed up. As the sun set, a few people still kept coming in, and eventually reader Saifur Rahman from Mama Tani restaurant brought with him loads of complimentary Emirati cuisine and tea, for an impromptu food party around the boot of our Jaguar. We even handed out USB flash sticks to everyone who showed up. Some of us hung out there all the way till 9 in the night before the freezing cold finally drove us away.

What do you think?



  1. Not to be the smart ass, but freezing means the temp is 0 or below 0 degrees Celsius 🙂

  2. Mohammad…. are you new in the gulf or what ?? LOL

  3. Sad, no one remembered to give a call><

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