So we got a 2014 Dodge Durango R/T

So we got a 2014 Dodge Durango R/T

2014 Dodge Durango RT in Dubai
A few of our car-enthusiast friends, all of whom we’d met via the legendary DriveArabia meets, asked us if we wanted to join them in a trip down to the ubiquitous Rainbow Sheikh’s car museum in Abu Dhabi, an hour-and-a-half drive from the better side of downtown Dubai. We’re generally averse to long drives, but figured we’d join them if we didn’t have to do all the driving. I also dropped Chrysler an email in the off-chance that they could provide a Dodge Durango R/T for the trip, and they confirmed a ride for us within 5 minutes. When the weekend came, we met up outside Zabeel Park and it turned out our “big” group had wittled down to just 6 people, so there was no need for a convoy. We all hopped into the Durango and off we went.

2014 Dodge Durango RT in Dubai 3

But that’s a story to write another day. The R/T itself is, easily, the manliest car in a segment that’s mind-numbingly boring. Just look at it.

2014 Dodge Durango RT in Dubai 4

The interior isn’t going to win any design awards, but it still boasts better cabin materials than the majority of its hard-plastic-adorned rivals. There’s also class-leading tech, such as the rotary-dial gear-selector, the huge responsive touchscreen and the big colour LCD screen within the gauges.

2014 Dodge Durango RT in Dubai 5

It’s also spacious enough for 6 reasonably-sized adults. The R/T’s second row can be optioned up with either a bench or just 2 seats. The boot is absolutely massive with the third row folded down.

2014 Dodge Durango RT in Dubai 6

The Durango is special in that it can be optioned up with a V8. The R/T comes with a sport-tuned exhaust and sportier suspension as well, so what you have here is a legitimate alternative to pricey German performance crossovers, for about the price of a well-specced V6-powered rival from Nissan or Ford. More in the full review. And more on that big Land Rover later.

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  1. looks like a 90s Mitsubishi Galant station wagon with ‘wanna-be’ tuning..


    Surely prefer the grand cherokee srt!!..

    • I’d agree with the GC bit but the new durango looks epic! Previous models were God awful but Dodge has taken a massive step in the right direction with this one!

  2. Nice Color !!

  3. I was considering the Durango and felt that:

    1) The powertrain offers good options with ample power
    2) The interior between the version costing 140k and the top of the line Citadel hardly feels any different. As opposed to the Grand Cherokee or Explorer where the difference between the first and last trims is considerable

    3) For some reason the C pillar area still has that “unfinished” look carried over from the 2011-2013 models. The glass panes look a bit misaligned. The front and rear profiles on the other hand are excellent

  4. DD is surely in my shopping list , but confused whether to go for V6 or V8 .. Any idea what will be the mpg for V6 and V8.

    • Author

      The V8 drinks 10-15% more than the V6, depending on how you drive.

    • I drove v8 and its always better to hv v8 as american’s can built only v8, about 10-15% more fuel, well if you are on high way it ain’t matters, I hv no idea inside city….

  5. Enjoy this Bus…

  6. I like DD but if you compare DD vs GMC Yukon which one would be better if I am looking for smooth ride, third row space, durability and maintenance expense.

  7. I’m so in love with this car and was about to buy it, untill I read in some websites that it will be discontinued by 2016. Does anyone know about this?

  8. Hey Mash! How much does the top trim of the V6 version cost?
    And please can anyone comment on the cost of ownership of Dodge? I heard Dodge vehicles are quite costly to maintain?

  9. Hi Mash,

    Thank you for this report, I read in one of your replies to comments, that the Yukon might be cheaper to maintain, was a bit surprised by the same. I don’t have any experience with either of these brands (Dodge & GMC) can you pls guide me on the same. Meantime, I was seriously considering the Honda Odyssey (amazingly spacious, good on-road behaviour), the Dodge Durango (looks that could probably kill:), reasonably good on-road, useful third row and that 8 speed auto with paddle shifters) and the GMC Yukon XL / Chevy Suburban twins (I just love that space behind the third row). I have had a couple of Hondas before (last being a ’08 Accord) and currently driving a VW CC (’09). But the expanding family requires a larger vehicle. Would be greatly obliged with your inputs.

  10. Hi Mash,

    Thank you for your reply, I actually got the Escalade ESV for a day on rent (the cousin of the Suburban), to try it out. I found it reasonably good to handle (admittedly its got the special suspension, not like the Suburban) and more importantly, while a pain to park in some places, I found it reasonably ok to park (even if I discount the rear cam). Meantime I’ve found it easier to drive than the Ford Endeavour (which I’ve driven in India), which is likely down to the size of the roads we have in Dubai (as compared to our humble India), inspite of the former being over half-a-meter longer than the latter.

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