Carlsbad Mineral Water: If you like driving, you'll love these -- Magnesia, Aquila & Mattoni

Carlsbad Mineral Water: If you like driving, you’ll love these — Magnesia, Aquila & Mattoni

Carlsbad Mineral Water got its start 140 years ago when founder Heinrich Mattoni created his first bottle using the unique water that springs from the Kyselka rocks in the “spa” town of Karlovy Vary, a region in the Czech Republic. Over the years, the company’s line-up has expanded to three different offerings, one becoming the water of choice for racing drivers, while the other two sharing an unlikely lineage with some of the world’s finest sports cars.



A little-known fact is that your body needs magnesium as much as it needs oxygen. Magnesium plays a key role in your body’s metabolism to break down proteins and carbs, as well as in enhancing muscle and nerve function, and you need as much as 400 mg in your diet per day if you’re a man. That’s where Magnesia water comes in.

One 1.5-litre bottle of Magnesia gently-sparkling water contains 255 mg, which is about 70% of the recommended daily requirement for magnesium. You can also get it from fruits and vegetables, but it is absorbed more readily from water.

It is bottled from one of only four natural sources, where water flows over a layer of rock which is rich in magnesium. The magnesium infuses with the water to form naturally-rich magnesium water.

Magnesia water has therefore become the water of choice for some racing teams in Europe. Magnesia is also a partner of the the RTR Projects racing team, whose drivers specifically drink the water as it aids in increasing stamina, reducing anxiety, and preventing cramps and headaches. Every race driver knows that water is important during a race, as a lot of it is lost in sweat. Many drivers in the past even took magnesium pills, especially in 24-hour endurance races, but it is not necessary if they drink Magnesia water, as part of a diet that includes pasta, vegetables, bananas and energy gels.

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Aquila and Mattoni


Aquila and Mattoni are the traditional bottled-water offerings from Carlsbad, presented in a stylish boutique bottle designed by none other than Pininfarina.

Aquila is the name for the still-water product that originates from the natural springs of Karlovy Vary. And Mattoni is the sparkling-water product from the same region, if its premium taste is more to your preferences. The design firm Pininfarina that created the signature bottle is the same company that has penned pretty much all Ferrari models, as well as a few models for Maserati and Alfa Romeo. This is “luxury water” if there ever can be one.

The glass-bottle range comes in 750 ml and 330 ml sizes. Both Aquila and Mattoni can also be had in sport-bottles, for use on the run, during sports or gym sessions.

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