Mitsubishi Ramadan offer by Al Habtoor Motors in UAE

Mitsubishi Ramadan offer by Al Habtoor Motors in UAE

Mitsubishi Ramadan offers
Al Habtoor Motors are giving a Ramadan special offer for its customers who choose to buy a brand new 2014 Mitsubishi Pajero, ASX or Outlander SUVs. Al Habtoor Motors is offering 5 years of interest free finance. Along with that, 100 lucky customers will get a chance to win AED 10,000 cash in Al Habtoor Motors “Million Dirham Giveaway”.

Adding to the value of the Ramadan deal is the convenience of paying the first installment after 4 months. The customers will be further rewarded with free 5 years warranty, free 3M paint protection and free 3M window tinting that will retain the new look of their vehicles for more years to come.

“For us at Al Habtoor Motors, Ramadan is a very special time. We always try to give customers more than what’s expected. Our Ramadan offers are always customer-centric and we do our best to offer the most special deals during the Holy Month. As always, this year we have given our customers absolute freedom, excitement, total value and a worry free vehicle ownership experience.” added Karl Hamer, Managing Director of Al Habtoor Motors.

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  1. No service package = fail!

  2. Are they changing the shape in 2015

  3. Isnt the Mitsubishi doing the same deal in different formats all year ?

    Seems like they are the ‘pierre cardin’ of the auto business in Dubai.

  4. I love Mitsubishi vehicles specially Pajero, Lancer. Very reliable and no hassle. But Then there is Al Habtoor. I will never buy a Mitsubishi as long as I’m in UAE.

  5. I agree with ranga, I also love to own Mitsubishi and I brought a car from alhabtoor in 2001 and honestly I still use the car till now (for 13 years) and I will not mention which model , but sure 80% its so reliable and practical, that’s why I advise my friend to buy galant,but the problem is the workshop,the service usually in minor or major cost too much and sometime you feel they didn’t done anything unless changing oil and filter!!and my friend faced many problems like Manufacturing defects.

    really they need to fix that issue in the workshop,one day I said to myself let me Playing the role of hidden Shopper, and I ask them about a price part (and I changed that parts in my car before short time) I called them and I ask about the price for the parts and the shock is the price was less 75 dirhams!! and they guy on the phone told me you should change both parts which will not cost 300 only.. it will cost 600 inside the workshop!! ok

    after a short calculation I been done the work in the workshop cost me (375*2)=750 that’s after discount!! so what do they mean after 2 weeks I give them a call and they said the parts it cost 600???

    that’s one problem of owning Mitsubishi,and other people I know who own pajero for example they face the high cost in servicing inside alhabtoor

    the price for Mitsubishi parts in Oman is “TOTALLY” less than here..UAE

  6. additional to that…Mitsubishi evolution in 2008 (GSR model) cost 180.000 what happened to Alhabtoor to turn evolution price to be 210.000! all same specifications and options from 2008 till now…again GSR model

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