Nissan Sunny 2015 facelift debuts in UAE & GCC

Nissan Sunny 2015 facelift debuts in UAE & GCC

2015 Nissan Sunny in the UAE
The 2015 Nissan Sunny was launched in the GCC last week, at an event in Dubai.

The 2015 Sunny is basically a facelift of the existing model, although the overall profile remains awkward. Changes include nicer new headlights, grille and bumper, as well as a reshaped rear bumper and, on higher trim levels, new alloy wheels, mirror-mounted indicators and extra chrome trimmings.

It also features an updated interior with a redesigned center console in piano-black finishing, better audio system, and a new steering wheel taken from the Sentra. The top model get a Nissan Connect touchscreen that can read your Facebook messages or something.

The basic model gets front power windows, steel wheels and central locking. Moving up the trim levels add features such as rear power windows, keyless entry, smart key with starter button, Bluetooth, the aforementioned touchscreen, steering-wheel audio buttons, rear a/c fan, rear spoiler, 15-inch alloys and more. All four trim levels get ABS with EBD and two airbags as standard.

The Indian-built Sunny still comes with a 99 hp 1.5-litre engine, with a standard 4-speed automatic. Prices start at Dhs 45,500 and top out at Dhs 54,000, undercutting several of its rivals by a fair bit. It goes on sale by the end of this month.

The original Sunny was launched in the Middle East under the Datsun brand in 1966, and is currently the top-selling model in its class in many GCC countries, mostly due to fleet sales. Nissan is hoping to change that by appealing more to individual consumers with its improved styling and features.

Further updates will be available soon in the Nissan Sunny buyer guide.

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  1. this car must die as soon as possible

  2. Nissan’s new strategy – hire one designer, make ALL the cars look like each others brother and sister, and throw it in the market with a tag that says “NISSAN”. Honestly, apart from Patrol and to some extent even Maxima, I don’t think any other model has any appeal left.

    • Well said.. but every one does that now bro.. even TOYOTA makes some crap these days.. NISSAN is far better in this case than them or the KOREAN makes..

  3. Don’t forget the GT-R and 370Z too … Lucky to be evading the claws of the ‘CVT monster’ … 😛

  4. Got the 2013 highest trim nissan sunny for 51k

    I thought we were getting a bargain from 54k! 🙁

  5. Drove one of these for almost 3 weeks. An excellent commuter car with an extremely spacious cabin that gets the job done. Only issue is it gets almost blown away by the lorries on the highway

    • does its engine pull well or it keeps screaming and dropping a gear when ever you want to pass some body or catch up ? 1.6 2011 corolla engine and gearbox are so refined smooth and not noisy at all

  6. look at the price man only 45k and a car like that perfect for ladies and old buddies so they can drive at the speed of 50 to 60 km and take the right side of the road and drive slowly slowly this is perfect for driving schools

  7. One of the most ugly looking car.

  8. kill it before it lays eggs !

  9. God this car looks so ugly,but it has a huge spacious cabin and ice cold a/c,but i dont know is its 1.5 engine has good power ? i own a 2007 tiida 1.6 which struggles to catch up and keeps dropping gears when you give it small gas….wonder how this sunny react ?

  10. I like so much the new model 2015 as it is upgraded with lot of new features including alloy wheel, blue tooth, rear sensors, google / facebook access, USB port etc., what else in this price range we want? i could not see such options even in high range cars…

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